Knowing what’s going on: monitoring everything

The Internet is becoming real: connections are being forged so quickly between the virtual and the ‘real’ world that we no longer actually notice them. Cars are just as connected as phones, TVs and smart homes. In 2020, some 10 billion such ‘things’ around the world are connected with the Internet of Things (IoT) – creating the global infrastructure for the information society.

This digital infrastructure allows for entirely new means of perception. The sensory experience in real life is paralleled by a ‘sensory’ experience online where our eyes, ears, nose and touch serve as the sensors that transmit their ‘observations’ as digital readings and make them usable. DMT is making monitoring widely usable as a technological application with its own development DMT SAFEGUARD. This software solution allows the condition and integrity of systems or system components, bridges, tunnels, cranes, gearboxes, pumps, tracks, wind turbines, weather currents, air quality, and much more besides to be continuously, precisely and reliably monitored online. Our standard activities also include the monitoring of excavation pits, waste tips, uplifts, subsidence and even earthquakes. For us, ‘Monitoring everything’ means this: if you can measure it, we can monitor it. Companies and society as a whole then benefit from greater critical infrastructure safety.

We offer project-specific advice, develop monitoring concepts for the tasks in hand and then implement them, provide a suitable online platform, see to the data evaluation and can offer recommendations for action or initiate any necessary measures. We offer tailored solutions ranging from individual modules to complete packages or assessments performed by independent experts.

Using data, generating added value

DMT SAFEGUARD is an assistance tool that also combines system expertise, condition monitoring and maintenance processes, thereby using data to generate added value. Processes are optimised and costs are cut with the help of analysis and the linking of relevant data. The existing expertise and experience are digitalised, made available and secured. This allows for more flexible but nevertheless safe maintenance cycles and also reduces downtimes. Process verifiability and traceability guarantee the fulfilment of system and operator responsibility.

With its carefully considered user experience (UX) and user-friendly user interface (UI), our entirely Web-based IoT monitoring platform sets new standards in terms of operability and functionality. The system is independent and flexible, and the functions are tailored to the application in question. 3D visualisation simplifies and accelerates planning, system design and sensor positioning. ‘Diving’ into the building information modelling (BIM) interface helps with the collection and classification of information, boosts comprehension and makes complex correlations understandable virtually. What’s more, the always-on SAFEGUARD app makes monitoring fully mobile, with on-screen navigation, sensor localisation, live data visualisation, push messages and alarm functions.

The digitalisation toolbox

As they make the transition to Industry 4.0, many companies find themselves facing complex challenges in all kinds of areas. Take system condition monitoring, for example, where pending digitalisation collides with measuring systems and tools which are not digital or which are offline, such as with non-destructive testing (NDT). Many maintenance processes are analogue, including visual inspections, manual data acquisition and paperwork. DMT developed SAFEGUARD to overcome these limitations.

This Web-based solution brings together existing software or data and allows for the simple digitalisation of systems, documentation and processes via an intuitive front end. The toolbox comprises digital services such as virtual legacy systems, digital twins, data mining, predictive maintenance, energy management, a virtual assistant, a remote expert and much more. What’s more, an optional SAP ERP interface ensures that everything can be assimilated into the customer’s business processes and helps to optimise them. Because of its quick-response design, all the functions of DMT SAFEGUARD can be made available on a mobile device, meaning it can be used directly at the production line.

The system is visualised with the aid of an interactive digital model, the information needed is displayed and action can be taken directly. All the information is at the user’s fingertips at all times, from an overview of the system and production sections down to individual areas and their state. Specific task workflows allow for a continuous digital process that not only saves time, but also significantly increases both quality and safety. The planning, execution and performance monitoring of system operation tasks such as monitoring, testing, inspection and maintenance are handled entirely by DMT SAFEGUARD. This is a major benefit for the customer, who thus saves time and money in many areas.

DMT SAFEGUARD facilitates and accelerates industrial digitalisation processes. Its modular system allows for customer-specific solutions. There is currently no other software product in the market that combines the data, information and expertise which is needed on the shop floor.

One of the major advantages for companies is DMT’s experience – we have been involved in monitoring for decades and, as an engineering service provider, we have extensive expertise in all areas of application. We are the customers’ one-stop shop for solutions that can be implemented with minimum effort and which are easy to use. The DMT platform is compatible with any application, any sensor and any project – making it currently unparalleled in the world in terms of its reliability and versatility.

We can, of course, reduce this down to a short formula – if you see monitoring potential in your area of work, you should talk to DMT.

    The platform’s services:

    • Web-based access to all the information for internal and external project and service staff via a single tool
    • Interactive user interface with the positions and 3D models of your assets incl. their condition and real-time reports
    • Automated acquisition and retrieval of component and service information by means of ID tags (ID, QR, RFID)
    • Mapping of work processes and tasks (maintenance, safety, audits) with integrated document management (handbooks, service protocols and inspection reports)
    • Remote support from experts, drawing on up-to-date process and condition data

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