Testing of conveyor technology

Non-Destructive Testing

DMT's own test laboratory for non-destructive and destructive testing (Rope Testing Centre) examines both dynamic and static wire ropes such as:

  • Mine shaft ropes / hoisting ropes
  • Guy ropes of bridges and roof constructions
  • Crane ropes
  • Cable car cables
  • Offshore wire cables

Furthermore, we test anchoring rods and other safety-related components, such as brackets, clamps and rock bolts, all of which can be assessed on site using our non-destructive test methods:

  • Ultrasound testing (UT)
  • Magnetic particle testing (MT)
  • Penetration testing (PT)
  • Visual testing (VT)
  • Magneto-inductive testing (MI)

By means of the magneto-inductive process, developed by our in-house specialists and tried and tested over time, we are also able to inspect the inner condition of steel cables and check for damage below the surface. The MI method is utilised to find signs of breakage in the rope's interior, which is undetectable in purely visual testing.

At our rope and conveyor belt testing facilities we make use of our own unique, specially developed test equipment. This is a tradition which, since the 1930s, has resulted in the continuous further development of our testing rigs, and is a tradition we are proud to continue.

Destructive Testing

DMT also has test stands suitable for the destructive testing of steel cables and other metal and non-metallic high-strength structural components, to which different loads can be applied:

  • Static tests: max. 20 MN
  • Dynamic tests: max. 6 MN

In addition to determining real breaking force and tensile strength, we have provisions to assess elasticity and fatigue strength,  as well as creep behaviour if necessary. Load tests can also be carried out with regard to specific properties for verification/validation purposes.

Our testing equipment can apply static loads of up to 20 MN and accommodates component lengths of up to 26 m.

Tests for the Storebelt East Bridge (Storebæltsbroen), the largest bridge in Europe, and the British Airways London Eye, the largest ferris wheel in Europe, are just two prime examples of our many successfully completed rope testing projects.

Tests & Inspections: Shaft Hoisting Engineering

Being the only expert testing body in Germany in this sector, we are in a position to carry out for you all the tests prescribed for shaft hoisting equipment in accordance with the latest mining regulations. Our experts are recognised as such by the German mining authorities.  

We test and evaluate the operating safety of:

  • Wire ropes
  • Winding towers
  • Guide rails and systems
  • Conveyances and suspension gears
  • Braking systems
  • Electrical components and systems.

Before conversions are made or new installations set up, we check that the construction complies with the prescribed safety regulations. For instance, we check the structural and mechanical calculations as well as the hardware and software concepts of the electrical installations of the hoisting machinery, of the shaft monitoring system and shaft signalling equipment as well as of the automatic controls. 

We perform component approval tests on speed regulators and braking systems. Being of particular importance for the safety of the machine, such tests are often prescribed by law. DMT also provides training for professionals working with shaft hoisting systems.

Haulage Engineering

Our experts are specialists in dealing with the challenges of haulage engineering in underground mining. On behalf of our clients, they take care of all mandatory expert assessments, carrying out  tests on vehicles and track systems and evaluating operational safety at regular intervals.

We assess the suspension and condition of rail lines for floor-mounted rail systems and overhead monorails as well as the traction cables and drive winches of cable-driven railways. Additionally, we can advise you in matters relevant to special or heavy goods transportation.

Our extensive programme of training courses, offered either at DMT's premises or your own facilities, are geared at qualifying your workers to install, maintain and operate shaft haulage systems safely and professionally.

Please feel free to contact our specialists.