Geotechnical engineering for subsoil and civil engineering

The success of an entire construction project can be influenced significantly by the preceding and/or accompanying underground engineering work. Geotechnical engineering therefore represents an opportunity for all kinds of building projects.

By cleverly combining the extensive expertise gained through its long history, DMT has been developing tailor-made, innovative geotechnical solutions for decades. Our service portfolio is geared at satisfying the needs of heavy industry clients, investors, institutes and local authorities as well as architechts and planning offices.


DMT’s comprehensive services cover the planning and monitoring of complex construction and infrastructure tasks right from the off-set in the following areas:

  • Inspection and evaluation of subsoil and groundwater conditions
  • Foundation of buildings and structures
  • Assessment and enhancement of the ground's load bearing capacity
  • Identification of damage caused by natural forces such as landslides
  • Securing of slopes and terraces e.g. in excavation pits
  • Securing of underground cavities e.g. in tunnelling (NATM, TBM, C'n'C), in abandoned mines or at remediation sites (stabilisation of shafts and galleries)
  • Construction planning and stabilisation of earthworks such as embankments, dams and landfill sites
  • Inspection and evaluation of earthworks for water-management (sealed or flowing) such as trenches or canal walls
  • Measurement, monitoring, assessment and prediction of dynamic loads e.g. vibrations from pile driving, blasting and traffic congestion
  • Soil and ground water flood control (environmental geotechnics)
  • Digital Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

Why our customers choose the DMT group:

  • Years of expertise and extensive competences in the field of geotechnical engineering (foundation engineering, soil and rock mechanics, engineering geology, geophysics) and in the application of highly specialised process and instrument engineering
  • Secure planning based on reliable investigations and research
  • Active cooperation in all aspects of tendering and contracting
  • Project management and support from a single source through all stages of the project
  • Complementary operational services

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