Security concepts for construction projects

Geotechnical services are always closely linked to questions of safety and security, either in terms of risk calculation or fulfilling various international guidelines and legal regulations.

Thanks to DMT's many years of experience in this field, we are able to set the highest safety standards across the board, whatever the project, and know how to find the most efficient ways for our clients to meet stringent safety regulations.  

By means of testing, assessment and evaluation and working closely to quality assurance measures (among other things, according to SCC**, BGR128, SiGeKo, TRGS 519, TRGS 521), our interdisciplinary teams and recognised experts create systematic and holistic safety solutions.

In cooperation with all other parties involved in the project, we identify potential risks and worst-case scenarios with a view to developing strategies for emergency action concepts and to ensuring that both expected and unexpected disruptions can be eliminated or sufficiently reduced.  

The services of the DMT group include:

  • Assessment of the subsoil
  • Feasibility analyses in terms of technology and processes
  • Identification and evaluation of risks
  • Quantity surveys
  • Securing building pits
  • Calculating and ensuring the stability of structures
  • Design of systematic risk management and emergency action concepts

Should damage already be present (e.g. in redevelopment projects), we assess the current condition and prepare necessary refurbishment plans.

In addition, we are of course happy to manage the construction and project supervision in order to also give you extra security in matters of budget, contract management and scheduling.

Furthermore, the services listed above are just as applicable to infrastructure projects as they are to buildings, where DMT has gained considerable experience over the years, in particular in tunnel construction. Since 1999 we have been contracted by ADAC (Europe's largest automobile club) to carry out regular security checks on European tunnels.

As specialists in this field we offer the following additional services:

  • Preparation of expert reports and security concepts on fire protection and ventilation/smoke extraction
  • Securing of underground cavities
  • Measurement, monitoring, assessment and prediction of dynamic loads (e.g. from traffic).
  • Training for safety representatives and tunnel managers

Whether acting as an advisor, trainer, or independent reviewing authority, DMT is the one-stop-shop for all your geotechnical needs for efficient safety.

Please feel free to contact our specialists.