Equipment development and measurement systems for exploration projects

For more than one hundred years now, DMT has been involved in developing, manufacturing and selling geophysical, geodetic and geotechnical surveying systems. These systems are used on a daily basis in the search for natural resources, in underground engineering and tunnelling, in environmental studies and investigations of construction site subsoil. DMT engineers have always based their work on innovative technologies and intelligent system setups and that has earned them worldwide recognition.

Our equipment engineering section develops and builds prototypes, makes instrumentation ready for volume production and modifies commercially available systems for special purposes.

When jobs cannot be handled with conventional instruments and equipment, our development teams pursue project-oriented development and research to identify new options. For instance, based on your specific requirements we develop new instruments and systems, write custom software, and plan and optimise production processes.

We calibrate the instruments we develop in our own calibration laboratory.

You will find our measuring and recording systems on the product pages.

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