What’s next?

So school graduation is getting closer and closer, but what next?

Whether you are still uncertain about your future career choice or you know for sure and can't wait to get started in practice, you've come to the right place!

Our wide range of training and study programs in both technical and commercial fields offer the perfect introduction to a modern, future-oriented dream job for those with an affinity for technology or those with an enthusiasm for numbers. In addition to traditional vocational training, DMT offers combined study opportunities and dual study programs in various areas. From the very beginning, you will have the opportunity to take on responsibility for a variety of tasks and projects, which means that you will be closely integrated into your team. The excellent level of interaction between our trainees also sets us apart and is rated particularly positively by our current apprentices.

We are particularly proud of the fact that most of our apprentices and on-the-job students stay with us after their training and help to strengthen our specialist departments.  

During your training at DMT GmbH & Co. KG, you will receive an attractive apprenticeship salary and additional benefits. In addition, a laptop and various educational opportunities will be provided for you to ensure the success of your training.

For initial orientation, you can get a taste of what DMT has to offer in a student internship even before you graduate from school. This way you will find exactly the right path: yours!

Student internship

  • A student internship is a good way to gain an initial insight into the tasks, training professions and everyday life at DMT. Whether for a few days or several weeks - gather your first work experience with us!


  • Our experienced instructors from the industrial-technical or commercial fields will involve you in all work processes at DMT right from the start.

Our apprenticeship programmes

SubjectTraining period
Mechatronics3.5 years
Electronic Engineering3.5 years
Precision Mechanics3.5 years
Technical System Planning3.5 years
Surveying3.5 years
IT Specialist (application development)3.5 years
IT Specialist (system integration)3 years
Office Management3 years

Part-time study

  • Do you want to combine the practical experience gained during an apprenticeship with the comprehensive theoretical knowledge gained during a degree course? In combination with an apprenticeship as a Mechatronic Technician, an Electronic Technician or a Management Assistant for Office Management, we offer you the opportunity to complete a part-time Bachelor's degree while you're working and continue to receive a salary from us.

Our dual study programmes

SubjectTraining / study period
Mechatronics apprenticeship with part-time Bachelor's degree
in mechanical engineering or process engineering from Georg
Agricola Polytechnic, Bochum
3.5 years /
10 semesters
Electronic Engineering apprenticeship with part-time Bachelor's
degree in electrical engineering and information technology
from Georg Agricola Polytechnic, Bochum
3.5 years /
10 semesters
IT apprenticeship in the field of application development or
system integration with a part-time Bachelor's degree in
computer science from FOM, Essen
3 years /
7 semeseters
Office Management apprenticeship with a part-time Bachelor's
degree in Business Administration from FOM, Essen
3 years /
7 semeseters

Our job offers for pupils, trainees and dual students

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DMT Engineering Surveying GmbH & Co. KG

You can find more job offers in our Job portal

For more information about internships, apprenticeships and other questions about your future with us, please get in touch.

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