Occupational safety on construction sites: Coordination of site safety and health protection

Minimize risks on construction sites and save costs in the long term: With our advice on coordinating site safety measures and occupational health and safety on construction sites, you put yourself and your employees on the safe side. Our specialists, coordinators and experts will explain the applicable regulations and rules, such as those of the German Construction Site Ordinance.

We support you in organising your construction operations from the very first minute in accordance with current regulations and standards for construction site safety. These include state and trade association regulations, such as the German trade association rules for safety and health at work (BGR 128), German technical regulations for hazardous substances (TRGS 524), German statutory accident insurance (DGUV 101-004) and German regulations for occupational safety on construction sites (RAB 30-32).

Always up to date with the latest regulations

Our experts and coordinators ensure the safety and health of all parties involved is protected right from the start of construction operations. They support and coordinate measures between participating companies during the entire planning of your project. They will also assist with the smooth and legally-compliant execution of the project on site: our experts prepare and publish the health and safety plan in advance and are always on hand to adapt it as necessary during implementation. Our many years of practical experience guarantee you an efficient, safe implementation of all measures at all times, helping you avoid long-term costs and plan your building project reliably and safely.

Larger construction or excavation projects benefit particularly from DMT's interdisciplinary teams: our various specialist departments enable you to plan your construction operations with a reliable partner at your side and to carry it out according to the highest safety standards. In addition, through regular training measures our experts are always up to date on the latest innovations and regulations in the construction industry.

Independent consulting for building site safety

We advise you on the rules that apply to construction work on classic building sites, in foundation construction and civil engineering or remediation of contaminated areas and demolition of hazardous buildings.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of occupational health and safety plans
  • Participation in the preparation of announcements
  • Coordination of planning and execution of building construction and civil engineering work
  • Preparation of work plans