Consulting and engineering for nuclear waste disposal

The nuclear energy cycle contains a number of challenging aspects, beginning with the prospection of the necessary raw materials through safe and environmentally-friendly mining extraction and ending with the transportation and long-term safe storage of the resulting radioactive waste in a disposal facility. Additionally, one must not forget the dismantling of the extraction and processing facilities and remediation of the site, while all the time taking into account the associated radiation protection issues.

DMT has been active in this field nationally and internationally for decades. Our highly experienced team of professionals covers all necessary disciplines and includes geologists and geophysicists, construction and mining engineers, radiation protection and waste disposal specialists.

*Header Photo Copyright: Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (German Federal Office for Radiation Protection)

Nuclear Waste Disposal Facilities

Permanent safe storage of waste is crucial when dealing with radioactive material. DMT supplies all the engineering support required for this purpose – exploring the site, planning and constructing the repository chambers, operating and closing the facility:

  • Planning and execution of geophysical site surveys
  • Geological assessments of potential sites
  • Facility design
  • Mine planning with respect to optimum ventilation or strata control
  • Support in meeting radiation protection requirements
  • Construction of facilities for safe storage
  • Metrological monitoring

Our special areas of expertise also include the conversion of existing mine workings to disposal facilities and the removal of radioactive waste from existing storage facilities. At both national and international scale, DMT is fully involved in handling such projects from the planning and conceptual design stage through to application for necessary permits and implementation.

Nuclear Construction Remediation / Dismantling

The decommissioning of nuclear facilities is an important task for the coming decades, and not only in Europe, but worldwide.

DMT supports operators in a variety of ways:

  • Planning the dismantling of components
  • Planning the treatment and disposal of radioactive waste
  • Partially: execution of the work and management of the processes on site

The main focus of our services lies in the following fields:

  • Cutting technologies
  • Radiation protection and safety considerations
  • Ventilation and fire protection
  • Waste management

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