Artificial ground freezing for mining and civil engineering

Ground freezing is a safe, proven and reliable option for mining and civil engineering work in water-bearing soils. As an experienced engineering service provider in subsoil freezing, DMT GROUP pays great attention to planning subsoil freezing in accordance with the highest safety standards – for all project sizes worldwide and in every environment. The freezing of water-bearing soils or loose rock is used in a wide variety of markets and construction projects: from special civil engineering (e.g. for excavation pits), to shaft and tunnel construction, to mining. Subsoil freezing can also be used in the short and medium term for acute accidents.

The method has been used for over 100 years with great success in mostly very complex subsoil conditions, such as shafts several hundred metres deep. Subsoil freezing also offers many advantages for applications close to the surface, such as draining excavation pits, cross passages or tunnels. By freezing the water in the adjacent subsoil, a dry and safe working area is created even under very limited space conditions. Together with our clients, we develop an economically and energetically optimal freezing system for their needs. Starting with the idea on paper, through digital 3D models, to planning and construction supervision. We always have one goal in mind: To create stable and safe working environments without groundwater ingress when working in existing buildings. 

Experts in design and technical planning

DMT's expertise includes the detailed design and technical planning of the freezing concept. This begins with a resilient planning of the necessary project dimensioning and continues through to the implementation of the freezing piping on site. Continuous monitoring of the freezing measure guarantees successful and safe implementation. We offer continuous documentation of the manufactured icing body throughout the entire project by monitoring with DMT SAFEGUARD. In the technical implementation of the icing measures, we rely on long-standing partnerships with reliable specialist companies. This enables us to achieve reliable, resilient construction progress with accurate planning for the client. Clients and construction companies can always rely on the fact that what has to be sealed remains sealed during the work. The sustainability of the icing results from the process itself: After the end of the measures, the subsoil thaws again, no deconstruction is necessary and since no chemicals or auxiliary materials are used, the application is fully reversible and more environmentally friendly than with the usual methods. 

Ultimately, ground freezing is the method of choice and is considered a reliable measure for sealing the building ground against groundwater in loose rock. But even if you have started your construction project with a different Plan A and realise that you need short-term support: We are at your disposal to discuss unbureaucratically how subsoil freezing as Plan B can help you to complete the construction project safely.

Difficult building ground? Groundwater? The advantages of ground freezing with DMT at a glance:

  • Reliable protection against groundwater
  • Dry and safe working area even in limited space conditions
  • Underground working environment without high humidity
  • Can be used from near-surface to deep construction projects
  • Environmentally friendly and deconstruction-free
  • Planning reliability from a single source: from design to monitoring
  • Risk minimisation in construction operations: Frost body monitoring with DMT SAFEGUARD
  • Professional resource planning: Reliable calculation of energy requirements
  • Investment security
  • Rapid response capability: Short-term icing protection even in the event of an accident
  • Professional partner: Benefit from our in-house experience and broad expertise 

The process at a glance:

Design of Ground Freezing Systems

  • Freeze wall design

  • Design of the freeze equipment and piping

  • Design of a monitoring program

Ground investigation

  • Design of a tailored investigation program

  • Execution of in-situ and laboratory works

  • Factual and interpretative reporting

3D-Modelling and Monitoring

  • Advanced 3D numerical modelling for ground freezing

  • Coupled 3D numerical Thermo-Hydraulic-Mechanical modelling

  • Modelling and monitoring of the freeze wall by DMT SAFEGUARD

Operation and Maintenance

  • Installation of the ground freezing equipment

  • Commissioning

  • Operation of the ground freezing works

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