Mining: Exploration, Consulting, Engineering

Mining – This is precisely where DMT’s roots lie, having been providing comprehensive consulting for the mining industry for over 150 years. Our impressive history is the reason that our range of services is unsurpassed in its breadth and specialization the world over, and today, not only mine operators, but also international investors and research & development institutions rely on DMT's expertise.

DMT provides professional multidisciplinary services to support all aspects of mine development and serves customers in almost every mining region of the world and across nearly all commodities. Whether you're looking for a single solution to a specific problem or a comprehensive full-service package, our interdisciplinary teams offer international mining services in the following areas:

The extensive expertise within the DMT group covers the entire life cycle of a mine, namely:

Productivity and sustainable cost management are crucial success factors, particularly due to the volatility and challenges of the market in the current climate. In this respect, we aim to ensure the best added value for our customers through our broad industry knowledge and by employing the most state-of-the-art, efficient technology.

With offices around the globe, DMT is never far from the customers it serves – Customers in almost every mining region of the world and across nearly all commodities, from ore and minerals to coal, oil and gas.

Our focus within active mining is primarily on maximizing the "return on investment", without essential parameters such as security, product quality, geotechnical, and socio-economic or environmental factors being neglected. When it comes to mine closure, permanent waste disposal and the re-development of former mining sites, we are also well-equipped to deliver firm conclusions, transparent results and sustainable concepts.

DMT researches and develops both methods and equipment for industrial customers and is involved in international research projects on themes such as unconventional mining, renewable energy and innovative metrological and safety technology.

DMT's competence and experience offer customers a wide range of benefits:

  • Economic efficiency
  • Investment security
  • The highest performance, quality and safety standards
  • Access to the additional complementary resources of the DMT Group

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