Flow Measuring Technology

The DMT subsidiary Höntzsch GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of high-quality metrological systems in the field of fluid mechanics and flow meter technology, thus complementing DMT’s range of custom-made precision instruments for use in the natural resources and energy sector, chemistry and petrochemistry, steel industry and drive engineering. The company specialises in developing solutions for process reliability and plant safety, both nationally and on an international scale.

Höntzsch GmbH & Co. KG has a DAkkS accredited calibration laboratory with test stands for calibrating:

  • flow velocity of gases measuring range 0.5 m/s to 70 m/s up to 400 °C
  • flow velocity of gases measuring range 0.1 m/s to 70 m/s (DAkkS) 
  • mass flow 2.0 kg/h to 6,600 kg/h (DAkkS)
  • flow rate of atmospheric air measuring range 0.06 m³/h to 5.500 m³/h 
  • flow rate of flowing gases measuring range 5 m³/h to 5,500 m³/h (DAkkS)
  • flow rate for air and other inert gases with pressures up to 10 bar, measuring range 5 m³/h to 4.000 m³/h 
  • real gas calibration of various gases measuring range 0.06 to 100 m³/h
  • in water and liquids measuring range 0.0012 to 120 m³/h
  • temperature probes 20 °C – 100 °C


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