Grow with us

Whether you are only in the early semesters or have recently completed your studies, we at DMT are always keen to welcome talented graduates and students with a professional mindset.

DMT is the perfect place for university graduates in the fields of mining, geology, geotechnical engineering, plant engineering and process engineering to gain some initial career experience in an international environment. You will be involved in challenging projects from the outset and will be given assistance with your career planning.

Being an innovative company, we are always on the lookout for promising students who seek out future solutions in an open, creative and determined way. DMT offers all kinds of ways for you to obtain practical experience in your specialist area.

You can start an internship with us or join us as a working student. We will also support you in producing your dissertation, ideally on a subject related to one of our projects. If you have already been awarded your bachelor’s degree and are considering a master’s, we can offer you the option of completing your master’s while working for us as a junior engineer.


    • An internship with the DMT GROUP is an excellent means of expanding your education and experience at a practical and international level as well as of gaining an insight into various business fields or branches.
    •  We encourage our interns to expand their theoretical knowledge and business acumen by observing us, to learn how strategic thinking, planning and implementation are handled in the real world.

    Working student

    • Obtain valuable career experience while gaining a foothold in a field in which you wish to specialise in the future.
    • We firmly believe in deploying you in line with your skills and in making challenging practical situations possible for you while you are with DMT as a working student. As a fully fledged member of our team, you will be incorporated into our international projects from the outset.


    •  Are you coming to the end of your studies and looking for a suitable subject for your dissertation? DMT can offer you all kinds of interesting ideas. The benefits? You will obtain practical experience and live our corporate culture, while learning to work in a team and forging your first important contacts ahead of your entry into the world of work.

    Master’s degree while working

    • Keen to do a master’s on completing your bachelor’s degree? No problem! At DMT, you have the opportunity to complete your master’s degree while working full- or part-time as a junior engineer or expert.

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