Wind Park Systems and Services

DMT provides a range of flexible solutions to enhance the efficiency, life span and safety of wind farms, all from one single source!


DMT is, among other things, a provider of systems for technical engineering services and measurement and control technology for industrial plants. We have extensive know-how in the development, and manufacture of measuring systems for monitoring the condition of rotary drive elements in various industries, including a proven system for wind turbine monitoring applications which is marketed under the name WindSafe®. Our diagnostic experts also offer an individual monitoring and reporting service.

Furthermore, the sensor our experts designed for measuring tower vibrations is currently installed in thousands of wind turbines around the world. In addition, a range of testing and safety related services round off DMT's spectrum for wind farm operators, ensuring your business is in safe hands.

DMT has decades of experience in engineering. As a member of TÜV NORD GROUP, Germany's leading technology service provider, we are known today around the world for innovative solutions and individualised consulting and support tailored specifically to the needs of our clients. The TÜV NORD brand stands for the highest level of quality and safety. We are also manufacturer-independent and have our own test centres and expert bodies.

Our strengths:

  • Specially developed hardware and software
  • Proven diagnostic electronics
  • Comprehensive expertise in diagnostics accross a number of industries
  • Very early detection of emerging damage
  • Extensive drive engineering know-how
  • Geotechnical Expertise
  • Independent consulting

Your benefits:

  • Increased plant availability
  • Avoidance of unfavourable operating conditions
  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Plannable maintenance
  • Synergies through development partnerships

Make savings where it counts

Repairs, replacement parts and plant downtimes are expensive. With the right condition monitoring you can avoid unnecessary costs and save money - often several hundred thousand Euros!


WindSafe® - The answer to your Condition Monitoring needs

DMT has more than 25 years of experience in this field and to date our condition monitoring systems have been used to record data from over 15,000 dynamic measuring points in various industries. 

With our comprehensive drive technology know-how, we have developed a perfectly coordinated online CM system especially for the wind energy sector, based on structure-borne noise for early damage detection in the drive train of wind turbines.

With accurate, reliable data we can detect emerging damage and potential issues before they become problematic and in most cases diagnose the exact cause. This enables our experts to give clear recommendations for action, saving you valuable time and money.

Characteristics monitored by structure-borne sound include

  • Early detection of wear and damage to the drive Train
  • Detection of installation and alignment errors
  • Detection of imbalances
  • Detection of inadmissible operating conditions

This online system offers remote monitoring of individual wind turbines and whole wind farms in scalable service levels and can also be integrated into existing control systems.

We offer 3 different forms of monitoring service:

  • Inexpensive monitoring service based on VDI 3834, including automatic reports sent to the customer on a monthly basis. These provide the relevant information regarding RMS monitoring in a clear and concise form.
  • "Advanced Monitoring", including operational alarms and service notifications with a detailed description of anomalies, as well as recommendations for action. One option is our annual status report, a diagnositc report for a whole year of operation, in which the condition of the individual drive train components is recorded in detail and appropriate measures are defined by our engineers.
  • Individual monitoring













Tower Vibration Sensors by DMT

DMT offers various sensors for the continuous detection of vibrations of wind turbine towers during operation. Specially developed for this purpose and stringently tested by our monitoring experts, these sensors are compact, inexpensive and easy to install. More than 6,000 of our KS22 sensors have already been sold worldwide.

Relevant fluctuation changes of the tower as well as inadmissible operating conditions can be detected at an early stage. This is an important contribution to increasing plant and site safety. Precise information about the actual vibrations that occur on site also provides a good basis for operational optimisation of individual wind turbines and entire wind farms. The measurement data also plays a role in designing and calculating new towers more efficiently. 

The new cost-effective VIB3D sensor from DMT is suitable for measurement campaigns, e.g. as part of risk assessments, end-of-warranty inspections, commissioning or after renovation measures. This IoT vibration sensor works autonomously and installation is simple, supported by automatic levelling. The visualisation of the measurement and evaluation readings can be customised on request.

Please click here to access the product pages of this website, where you can find more detailed information about our Condition monitoring solutions and tower vibration sensors:

Optimum availability, low maintenance costs, long running times:

From foundation right through to further operation - Our individual services and professional advice help you make the right decisions at the right time to get the best out of your windpark.


Foundation Certification for Offshore Wind Farms

Geotechnics is a focal point of the DMT group's portfolio.

We offer comprehensive geotechnical services within the design, construction and installation phases of wind turbines according to international standards. This includes, among other things, the inspection of:

  • Soil investigations
  • Environmental and geotechnical reports
  • Derived load-bearing capacity values for foundation design
  • Foundation planning incl. consideration of the structure's behaviour under influence of cyclic load

All of our assessments are concluded in a certification or conformity report.

Our building specialists are also on hand to monitor the foundation work during the installation phase.

Fire Protection

Have you considered the fire protection of your wind turbines?

For decades, the DMT Centre for Fire and Explosion Protection has been developing comprehensive safety concepts for all kinds of industrial buildings that serve to implement relevant fire protection guidelines cost-effectively, efficiently and according to individual needs.

Right from the planning and construction phase of your wind turbine, it pays to consider necessary fire protection equipment and regulations. We can advise you on that. Our fire protection experts will also ensure that all fire safety technology is properly installed and approved. In addition, we can check the operational safety of your fire protection equipment at any time:

  • Preparation of fire protection concepts on the basis of relevant building regulations 
  • Inspection of installed extinguishing and fire alarm systems in accordance with relevant test regulations
  • Preparation of hazard analyses, e.g. when using gas and aerosol extinguishing systems
  • Fire tests to determine the effectiveness of extinguishing and fire alarm systems
  • Fire testing of materials used in accordance with building regulations (e.g. DIN 4102) for onshore facilities or maritime requirements (IMO) for offshore facilities

For all enquiries related to fire protection, please contact our specialist department:

DMT Centre for Fire and Explosion Protection: +49 231 5333-391,aps(at)dmt-group.LÖ

Component Testing

On our test rigs, we are able to test the drive characteristics of a wide variety of mechanical and hydraulic components for industrial manufacturers and plant operators. Our main focus in this area is the testing of gears and gearboxes. For example, we carry out tests on transmission prototypes and end-of-line tests for series gearboxes. We not only test components of the wind turbines - DMT was also contracted by Siemens to perform functional and life time tests on jack-up gears for the world’s largest crane vessel, used for the installation of new offshore wind farms.

DMT also offers professional metrological consulting and further services in this field, including the application of strain gages for measuring mechanical stresses in structures and components.
Our engineers are happy to support the manufacturers of wind turbines and their components as well as transmission service companies with the following:

  • Prototype tests and development testing
  • Acceptance and approval tests
  • Functional tests to verify the warranted properties
  • Overload testing
  • Endurance tests as shortened life tests
  • Simulation of concrete applications on the test bench (e.g. cold climate test, start-up processes, etc.)

More information on individual services can be found in the services section of the website. Just click on the relevant link buttons below.

Further Operation and Individual Monitoring for 20-Plus Wind Turbines

Our aim is to help you make the right decisions at the right time to get the best out of your plant. For you that means optimum plant availability, low maintenance costs and longer running times.

Whatever your monitoring needs, our specialized engineers, diagnosticians and programmers ensure that you get a solution that fits your situation perfectly. Our products and services can used individually or combined and adapted as required.  With our specially developed solutions, you benefit from

  • hardware
  • software
  • engineering
  • and service all from one single source.

Especially for older wind turbines (20-plus), an individual monitoring concept is recommended for optimum operation until the end of the operating life. We will be happy to advise you. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Call +49 201 172-1645 or mail products(at)dmt-group.LÖ

Complementary services by TÜV NORD

DMT is a memebr of TÜV NORD GROUP and works closely with our sister company TÜV NORD EnSys to provide a full range of services withing the field of wind energy.

TÜV NORD is one of the world's largest and most renowned technical service providers. More than 30 years of experience have made TÜV NORD a leading certification body for onshore and offshore wind turbines. TÜV NORD assesses and certifies every phase of your project from basic design and site specific design evaluation, through manufacturing surveillance to installation and commissioning surveillance. Accreditation covers all international certification bodies such as IEC, DNV, GL, Danish Type Certification and TAPS.

TÜV NORD EnSys has extensive expertise and many years of national and international experience in site assessment.

In addition to technical inspections of wind turbines, TÜV NORD accompanies your wind farm from planning and approval through to operation and continued operation beyond the projected service life and, as a competent partner, is there to assist you quickly and reliably with comprehensive services from a single source. Within the scope of a due diligence from within the TÜV NORD network, we are happy to offer you the technical, financial and legal evaluation of your project.

What is the potential of your location and is your wind turbine suitable for the conditions on site? TÜV NORD is also the right partner for this question. Site conditions can have a great influence on the economic efficiency and safety of wind turbines. Therefore we investigate all relevant conditions (e.g. effective turbulence, oblique flow, air density) within the wind farm area.

The following services are offered by TÜV NORD:

  • Due diligence
  • Project assessment and certification
  • Testing of wind conditions according to IEC
  • Wind resource prognosis and wind potential maps
  • Bankable AEP reports
  • Environmental impact studies e.g. noise immission and shadow projection prognosis
  • Risk assessments
  • Site suitability assessments e.g. turbulence assessment, testing of minimum distances to overhead lines
  • Technical inspections
  • Geotechnical investigation and consultancy
  • Network connection certification

Further information and contact details can be found here on the TÜV NORD website.

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