As technology constantly progresses, so too does DMT, where we have been providing forward-thinking engineering and testing services for mining, plant engineering, the construction industry and building safety for over 150 years.  Our highly qualified engineers strive to do everything technically feasible to satisfy our clients' needs, and in so doing, give our customers access to the latest and most efficient means to make their operations safer and more profitable. In addition to engineering services, DMT undertakes contract research and development, carrying out projects both at home and internationally.

In line with the challenges of national and international projects, our portfolio has grown over the years to include all manner of engineering services in a range of fields:

  • Mining – covering all specialist disciplines across the entire life cycle of a mine
  • Coke making technology, plant and process engineering
  • Industry systems – specifically the areas of conveyor technology, drive technology and industrial metrology
  • Safety of buildings and structures – all safety related aspects of real estate from the foundations to refrigeration, heating and air conditioning technology

Whatever the nature of our activities, we are committed to a customer-driven approach and adapt our efficient project management and development methods accordingly to your requirements. You can always be sure of

  • strict consideration of all economical and ecological aspects at all times, 
  • an increase in the cost efficiency of your processes or products,
  • optimised safety and
  • our focus on the quality of your processes and products.

Please feel free to contact our specialists.