Engineering services

Technology is subject to permanent change, which is known as progress. DMT has accompanied and supported this progress for 280 years as a development-oriented engineering service provider. Whether in measurement and testing technology, in plant construction and process engineering, in raw material exploration or infrastructure measures, we not only use the latest and most efficient technologies, we often develop them ourselves, too. As part of the TÜV NORD GROUP, we work on the digitisation of existing and new business models, services and products for ourselves and our clients.

Added value is also an engineering service

Whether a major project or a research contract: our engineers always exploit what is technically feasible in order to meet - or exceed - the requirements of our global customers. Because we believe professional consulting must also pay off - especially for the customer. Our many years of experience enable us to offer both high cost-effectiveness and a high level of safety for all operations, which is assured by our more than 100 recognised experts. And we never stop learning: DMT carries out a whole series of research projects at national and international level (see our Innovation / R&D section).

Engineering is our core competence

In line with the challenges of national and international projects, our portfolio has grown over the years to include all manner of engineering services in a range of fields:

Whatever the nature of our activities, we are committed to a customer-driven approach and adapt our efficient project management and development methods accordingly to your requirements. You can always be sure of

  • strict consideration of all economic and ecological aspects at all times, 
  • an increase in cost efficiency and thus profit maximization,
  • improved safety and
  • strong focus on the quality of your processes and products.

Looking at the bigger picture with Christian Heiermann, Head of Business Segment Industrial Engineering

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