Mining Consulting

DMT provides professional, multidisciplinary services to support all aspects of mine development, from exploration and feasibility through to design, digital transformation, contract negotiations, construction supervision, mine management, operational assistance and training.

The company also specialises in providing technical due diligence of mining properties, valuations and independent technical reports and frequently acts as Independent Lender's Engineer or Owner's Engineer.

Our clients include a wide range of mining and exploration companies; as well as lenders and investors, including major investment and development banks; governments; law firms; aid agencies and insurance companies.

DMT's staff are proficient in virtually the entire spectrum of mined raw materials and are experienced in working all over the world.

DMT mining consultants - knowledge and experience you can rely on

In addition, DMT's offices in Germany offer a range of specialised mining services for deep underground mines, such as shaft scanning, mine ventilation and mine water management.

Furthermore, having over 100 years of experience in degassing, DMT is called upon to advise authorities on questions of safety in this field e.g. how to deal with dangerous gases.

DMT’s mining experts also advise clients on the backfilling of material to improve the stability of mine structures, avoid subsidence, manage environmental liabilities and overcome shortages of suitable space on the surface. 

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