Civil Engineering

The long-term value of real estate and infrastructure projects can only be measured by the demands of the future. The foundations for success, however, must be laid in the present.

DMT provides extensive tailor-made engineering solutions from a single source. A wide range of geotechnical services, years of experience, as well as the intelligent bundling of relevant skills in planning, realisation and operation, form the basis for project security for industrial clients, investors, public authorities, institutions, architecture and planning offices as well as project development companies and mining companies - especially in economic terms. Whatever the nature of the project: rehabilitation, digitalisation, infrastructure or complex development in urban spaces – we have the power and the solution! The DMT team has been involved in a wide range of infrastructure designs in areas such as roads, utilities design, and major pipelines and tunneling.

We understand that sound and efficient planning is essential for remaining on budget and schedule and for keeping costs to a minimum, thus guaranteeing the best sustainable success for you projects. We deliver reliability in both the planning and operation stage through:

  • Intelligent, integrated engineering
  • Modern measuring systems and methods
  • The highest certified quality standards
  • Advanced specialist know-how (e.g. in the field of tunnel safety)

In the civil engineering sector DMT predominantly renders services focused on site remediation, subsoil, the environment and real estate.

Site Remediation

Exploring, evaluating and safeguarding mining structures in both underground and open-cast mining has been core business for DMT for over 100 years. When dealing with both newly closed mines and the legacies of past mining operations, professional remediation requires extensive geotechnical, environmental and mine surveying competence as well as in-depth knowledge of related gas and water issues.
The engineering task at hand is to ensure the long-term stability of the surface areas without any detrimental effect to the surrounding environment.

Learn more about Legacies of Abandoned Underground Mines and Reutilisation, Remediation & Monitoring of Former Industrial Sites


Knowing what to expect pre-build, is a prerequisite for compliance with deadlines and realistic cost management. DMT offers comprehensive ground exploration services using innovative measuring systems and modern, high-resolution geophysical methods from the fields of borehole logging, geology, hydrogeology, geodesy and geomonitoring. With a portfolio combining relevant geotechnical and foundation engineering services, we ensure a safe foundation for infrastructure and site development projects and accompany these to their successful conclusion.

The multitude of our satisfied customers, including rail project enterprises, road maintenance departments, national and international infrastructure consultants and planners, construction and drilling firms, as well as many other customers in the line of building and construction planning, is testimony to DMT's expertise.


Abandoned industrial sites are non-productive spaces in urban and rural environments, often posing prime potential for future new development. With experience, technical know-how and economic thinking, DMT gives such spaces a new lease of life. From derelict industrial sites to constructing, operating or rehabilitating landfill sites or other conversion land, we have comprehensive expertise in dealing with these kinds of projects. Learn more about our environmental rehabilitation services

Buildings and Facilities

Operating buildings can carry various safety and security risks: from accidents at work, personal injury and health risks to environmental and property damage, the risk potential is broad. It is one of the central challenges for property owners and management companies to manage the risks of their business. This complex task involves topics such as

and requires interdisciplinary knowledge –  the strength offered to you by the DMT group.

DMT tests, assesses and evaluates buildings and their facilities and systems in the context of technical compliance and statutory regulations and provides customized solutions for anything from power plants and chemical production sites to administrative and residential real estate, tunnels and even ships.

Infrastructure Roads and Utilities Design

DMT has recently been able to finalise a number of infrastructure projects in Middle East and provide complete engineering for internal roads, water, sewer, stormwater and irrigation networks. All relevant geotechnical studies and environmental analyses including Environmental Impact Assessments were prepared by our Middle East infrastructure team.