PROven® System

The PROven® system, invented and developed by DMT, reduces the emissions at coke ovens. Due to this patented system is it possible to establish a constant inner chamber pressure during carbonization and to operate the collecting main under negative pressure.

PROven® has the following advantages:

  • Significant reduction of emissions at coke oven doors and charging holes
  • Constant and controllable chamber pressure during carbonization
  • Possibility to maintain a negative pressure inside the collecting main
  • Charging gases are sucked off by negative collecting main pressure

More than 2,100 PROven® units are installed on multiple coke ovens worldwide. DMT is enhancing this system constantly to provide the best available technology to its clients at all times.

Now DMT has developed PROven® Next Generation, which is even more simple and robust. The speed of pressure control is further increased.

Emissions change during the process of coking: high emissions occur during the first hours of the coking process. Emissions are at minimum when the pressure is close to the ideal pressure.

Pressure development during coking time at coke oven doors without pressure Control. 

Pressure control of each oven is achieved by PROven® Next Generation as follows:

  • The water level inside the new rotable cup is fixed (always in overflow mode). 
  • The crown pipe itself is moved to directly control the oven pressure!
  • The new rotable cup can be rotated like a "conventional valve".
  • Retrofitting with PROven® NG can be done without modification of the gas collecting main.
  • Arrangement of the complete PROven® NG system outside the gas collecting main is possible.
  • The water seal of the actuation rod is located outside the goose neck with PROven® NG, therefore less heat impact and direct accessibility for maintenance & visual Control.

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