It always pays to work with professional and reliable suppliers, but this is especially vital during the planning phase. Here, if mistakes are made and risks are underestimated, they can multiply and have a detrimental effect in all subsequent stages of the project. DMT is therefore committed to ensuring that, above all, your projects are completed successfully, within budget and on schedule, through flexible and intelligent planning, consultation and evaluation.

We support you in geotechnical issues in all phases of your project. 

Site Investigation

With our activities associated with earthmoving and foundation engineering, we perform all the classical consulting tasks and provide start-up advice for all types of building structures.  Starting with a construction site survey we determine all the characterising data for soil mechanics in our own testing laboratory, according to DIN standards. The tests can be individually tailored and augmented to handle special problems.  
Additionally, DMT provides consulting backup in the course of technical construction management during the acceptance of the construction site, and we quickly work out solutions in the event of planning changes and where modifications in the foundations are needed in the course of the construction work. 

  • Subsoil surveys & evaluation
  • Construction site consulting and start-up advice
  • Geotechnical monitoring
  • Acceptance testing
  • Analysis of structural damage


Geotechnical assessment is a fundamental requirement for optimum mine design, keeping mining developments on track, avoiding delays and reducing costs. Our geologists and engineers carry out geotechnical assessments supported by specifically customised software application based on FLAC to provide accurate and reliable geotechnical data for both underground and surface mining operations.

Our consulting focuses on the planning of:

  • Slope design for open pits
  • Headings, roadways and drifts for underground operations
  • Panel and longwall design
  • Tailing dam design
  • Special constructions

Reutilisation of Former Industrial Sites

Land recycling of former industrial sites makes it possible to use them profitably for new purposes. However, the remediation factors that need to be taken care of require comprehensive mine surveying and geotechnical competence. The focus of our activities is to ensure the long-term stability of the surface areas in line with the requirements of the new utilisation concept and without any detrimental effect to the surrounding environment. DMT's consultants can support you however far-gone your project is – from initial development of ideas to monitoring construction work. 

Our range of services covers research on utilisation, investigation of polluted sites, assessment of existing buildings and preparing feasible remediation plans. We also assist by providing site management and project management experts during the conduct of the project and safeguard your financial and quality interests in the execution phase. 

Please feel free to contact our specialists.