Health, Safety and Environment

Our expertise and resources embrace every aspect of health, safety and environmental problem solving in relation to working conditions, land, water and airborne pollution. We provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure that our clients are able to identify and manage their environmental risks throughout the project life cycle. We offer initial environmental investigations and planning, environmental compatibility checks as part of the approvals process for mining projects, environmental impact assessments, environmental audits and management studies, as well as remediation and rehabilitation strategies for polluted sites. We naturally also cooperate with local consultants and supply management and quality assurance as required.

We provide the following services to clients all over the world:

  • Health and safety risk management
  • Environmental risk management
  • Mine safety assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Audits
  • Occupational health and safety training
  • Mine closure and reclamation
  • Equipment quality assessment

Being a consultant in the mining industry, DMT is well familiar with the latest environmental standards. These include national regulations as well as World Bank guidelines and EU regulations as laid down in the 85/337/EEC directive of 3 March 1997 and subsequent amendments.

DMT carries out dedicated health and safety audits and risk assessments for both government organisations and mining companies and also regularly comments explicitly in Competent Persons Reports, Due Diligence and Mineral Expert Reports on different kinds of health and safety issues.

To augment the training we provide at our clients’ own locations, we arrange and co-ordinate client visits to our offices and facilities in the UK, Germany and elsewhere as part of integrated training packages. As a division of the TÜV NORD GROUP, our training resources include the TN Academy and TN Education, providing world-class dedicated training to the industry. Recognising the varying training requirements presented by different markets, we tailor our consultant training services to meet the needs of developing countries, intermediate technology countries and highly-developed nations alike.

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