Plant Engineering & Process Engineering

State-of-the-art plant engineering for the process industry.

Mechanical and plant engineering for the process industry requires fundamental insight into the respective interrelation or dependency of individual processes. Only with sound planning and construction can a plant be brought up to state-of-the-art standard.

In this highly technical field DMT is a name to trust, valued for its active and internationally recognized support: from consulting, testing and evaluation to the planning and construction of systems, as well as the restoration and repair of operating plants. Our diverse competencies are expertly combined to bring the desired safety requirements, efficiency levels and environmental compatibility of your systems in line with one another. In doing so, we help our customers comply with environmental regulations and ensure that their processes yield a high level of added value.

Our service portfolio:

  • Refurbishment concepts and studies
  • Process engineering
  • Project management
  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Supply of systems or core components
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training of operating personnel

Our main focus is on the cleaning of coke-oven gas in coking by-product plants and procedures such as:

  • Tar extraction
  • Gas cooling
  • Gas scrubbing for the removal of ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide, BTX and naphthalene from the process gas.
  • Extraction of by-products such as sulphur from Claus plants, sulphuric acid, ammonium sulphate, ammonia, BTX, naphthalene and tar.
  • Wastewater treatment

We apply our technological know-how in the cleaning of other gases, too, for example, the purification of natural gas, refining, carbide production or the cleaning of process gases in the chemicals and specialty chemicals industry.

DMT also provides services for the utilisation of gases such as coke oven gas and mine gas as an energy source. We offer valuable assistance from the planning stage right through to installation and commissioning of gas engines or turbines for the efficient generation of electricity and heat.

To support our customers in terms of quality assurance, DMT also plans and supplies laboratories for the investigation of coal, coke and gas quality, designed for testing and analysing in accordance with international standards.

Our product range for the mechanical and plant engineering sector is rounded off with test rigs for the quality control of drive units.