We are already here for you

As soon as we jointly determine that you are to become part of DMT, you will have people at your side who can advise and assist you with any questions and concerns. During your onboarding at DMT, you will have the support of a specialist mentor, your HR mentor and a member of your team. We consider regular communication between you and your mentors to be helpful and important in order to quickly find your feet at DMT.

During your onboarding, you will therefore be familiarised with the key interfaces at DMT, including outside of your field. Our regular social for new co-workers enables you to establish a DMT network.

We will show you the way in the first six months with an onboarding plan tailored specifically to you. This is rounded off by regular talks with your mentors and participation in the Group-wide onboarding event.

In addition, we have an internal corporate culture which is focused permanently on your development opportunities. You can then identify special paths with us personally at any time.

Employee benefits:

  • Strong corporate culture
  • Flat hierarchies
  • HR development programmes
  • Work-life balance
  • Occupational retirement provision
  • Health promotion
  • Travel risk management
  • Corporate benefits

Please feel free to contact our specialists.