Raw material preparation and coal refinement

Mineral beneficiation is a process that seeks to improve the quality and value of ore by cleaning and purifying it. Impurities and other contents are separated to achieve a higher purity of the ore or coal and prepares it for further processing. Our mining services in the area of beneficiation include mineral processing and coal upgrading.

We Cover all Mineral Processing Steps

DMT supports all aspects of mineral processing, from initial sampling of ore minerals and pilot-scale testing through to front end engineering and design. We cover processing systems for crushing, grading and cleaning ore, separation, agglomeration and the separation of solids from liquids.

Many clients already rely on our extensive mining experience and executed mining projects all throughout the world. DMT delivers consulting for cost-effective and environmentally sustainable mineral processing applications across the full range of minerals, metals and energy sector deposits.

Specifically, we provide expertise, advice, studies and assessment covering the following parts of mineral processing:

Preliminary Testing for Beneficiation operations

  • Planning and supervision of mineral sampling
  • Laboratory and pilot-scale testing

Modelling Water Flow

  • Process block and flow diagram development
  • Water block and flow diagram development
  • Mass/water and metal balance development

Mineral Processing Design & Engineering

  • Dimensioning and specifications of mineral processing equipment
  • Automation and process control
  • Water management
  • Basic and detailed engineering (Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) studies)

Ahead of full-scale mining development, our planning and supervision of sampling services help guide crucial investment decisions by analysing a small, representative portion of the bigger ore mass to provide an unbiased assessment of ore grade, mineral content and potential economic value of the mineral resource for processing purposes.

Coal Beneficiation – Coal Upgrading for Coking Technology

Our beneficiation and mineral processing consulting services also include coal beneficiation. Coal processing is an integral part of coal production. DMT offers consulting services for coal preparation plants and supports them with process planning and optimisation. As the volume of globally traded coal is constantly increasing, these processes gain even more importance. Through removing impurities form run-of-mine (ROM), the value of coal is increased and shipment costs are reduced. But even more importantly, client quality specifications and processing requirements can be met. 

DMT supports a wide range of technical expertise in most coal beneficiation processes, including coal washing, coal briquetting and coal pyrolysis. Our experience in coke-making is exceptional and we provide a comprehensive range of services from mining consulting, mineral testing and assessment to planning and constructing coke plant equipment.

We invest significantly in research and development to optimise the performance of coking plants, techniques and instrumentation for emission reduction and improving coal blends and coke quality. Please also visit our Engineering section.

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