Online monitoring system for monitoring the condition of amusement park rides


DMT RideGuard is an intelligent online monitoring system based on the latest IoT sensor technology and AI algorithms for seamless monitoring of amusement park rides.


DMT RideGuard - the smart solution for the maintenance of amusement park rides

Every year, millions of visitors flock to the exciting worlds of amusement parks. To ensure a carefree experience full of fun and thrills, visitor safety has top priority. Therefore, strict controls are carried out by the responsible inspection bodies, especially in Germany. In order to fulfil the high safety standards, amusement park operators invest in extensive inspections and maintenance of their rides. DMT RideGuard complements this process and offers an innovative solution. Find out how DMT RideGuard takes safety to a new level as the world's first fully automated real-time monitoring system.

Intelligent real-time monitoring with IoT sensors and AI algorithms

Until now, the monitoring of attractions has involved a great deal of effort: daily visual inspections and regular check and maintenance work involving comprehensive checklists ensure that the high safety standards are always met. These inspections can now be more efficiently enhanced with DMT RideGuard. The device measures continuously, directly and reliably. Based on state-of-the-art IoT sensor technology and AI algorithms, the system offers seamless real-time monitoring of attractions.

By using our triaxial acceleration sensor VIB3D with calibrated MEMS sensor technology, DMT RideGuard is the ideal system for assessing vibrations, shocks and movements in accordance with DIN standards. The recorded data and status information are transferred to the cloud-based DMT SAFEGUARD database, where the post-processing and data fusion of various sensors is performed automatically. Park operators can review all data via an intuitive web front-end. Data from the analysis can be linked with external factors such as precipitation and temperature data. Data visualisation, device management and parameter settings – it all comes together in one place in the database. The system automatically reports abnormalities and anomalies using a variety of alarm and notification functions via e-mail or SMS, as preferred by the operator.



As a result, operators have a comprehensive overview of the status of their attractions at all times and are supported in identifying and rectifying potential safety risks at an early stage.

Alongside additional safety, DMT RideGuard also offers automated real-time monitoring during ride operation, enabling more targeted planning of maintenance intervals.


The advantages of DMT RideGuard at a glance

  • Real-time monitoring of amusement park facilities
  • Reduction of unscheduled downtime through predictive maintenance
  • Effective enhancement to facility and operational safety
  • Automated alerts in case of deviations from the norm

‘I no longer want to be without it’ - DMT RideGuard at Movie Park Germany


The Movie Park Germany amusement park in Bottrop-Kirchhellen is already successfully using DMT RideGuard to optimise the safety of its attractions. After a test phase involving two attractions from August 2023 onwards, the operator has opted in favour of the system and intends to continue using DMT RideGuard in the future to enhance existing processes.

‘DMT RideGuard enables constant monitoring of our systems in a way that has never been possible before. This feature of continuous monitoring is a great benefit. The system reports automatically and informs us about any deviations. This is a great support for us in our day-to-day operations,’ explains Carsten Prang, Technical Manager at Movie Park Germany.


Ready for the next round: DMT RideGuard in your amusement park


To take the monitoring of your rides to a new level in your amusement park, get on board now and hold on tight for a new technical solution in the amusement park industry! Watch this video to see the assessment of Movie Park Germany and one of TÜV NORD’s testing experts on online-based real-time monitoring. Or contact us directly to find out more about DMT RideGuard. Our experts will also be happy to visit your theme park for a non-commital initial consultation.


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Questions and answers about DMT RideGuard

Can DMT RideGuard be used on all rides?


DMT RideGuard was developed specifically for use on amusement park rides. The functionality and the AI algorithms used for analysis are specially tailored to the maintenance and safety requirements of such rides.


Does DMT RideGuard guarantee compliance with legal regulations and standards?


In addition to the central function of detecting anomalies and abnormalities in regular ride operation, DMT RideGuard also enables the ride to be evaluated in accordance with DIN with regard to the stresses on the human body and the restraint system.


What advantages does DMT RideGuard offer compared to conventional monitoring?


Monitoring and maintenance in amusement parks is usually carried out according to daily, weekly and monthly maintenance schedules. DMT RideGuard, on the other hand, enables seamless monitoring of individual rides in real time. On the one hand, this increases system availability through predictive maintenance and servicing, reduces maintenance costs and, on the other, increases visitor confidence through a higher level of safety. Anomalies are reported to the operator in real time so that they can react quickly.


How does DMT RideGuard work exactly?


DMT RideGuard works fully automatically and without direct human interaction. Sensors on the rides continuously provide measured values for each individual ride, which are evaluated in real time by the AI algorithms. The AI continuously learns from the recorded rides and can therefore detect anomalies and deviations from the regular rides within a very short time and inform the operator of such events.


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