Plant safety, product safety and building safety

The aim of our vast building safety services is to improve the overall safety and efficiency of your buildings and the systems and products you operate within them. Our highly qualified engineers, technicians and expert witnesses perform all manner of testing, assessment and evaluation of industrial systems, equipment and building components against the background of a wide variety of requirements. Naturally our engineering services adhere to all technical and legal regulations, however, we also place great importance on maintaining the standards agreed with contractors without losing sight of cost-efficiency.

Whether initial acceptance inspections, repeat testing of technical systems or a safety concept for the facilities: DMT ensures the necessary safety in a wide range of fields.

As an organisation of the TÜV NORD GROUP, we carry out independent tests for a variety of industries and advise our customers on product safety, building safety, plant safety, and the safety of building components, for example in the fields of:

Concrete Testing and Building Maintenance

Benefit from transparent, competent advice and save high long-term repair costs: Damage caused by ageing and wear on concrete structures cannot be completely avoided. With our condition assessments and preventive maintenance inspections, however, you can prevent unplanned plant downtimes and safety defects in good time. The early recognition of maintenance requirements can save you cost-intensive repair bills further down the line.

With our surveys you can also ensure that operating licences are obtained and an exact budget plan is drawn up: our independent specialists check the structural condition of your building visually, metrologically and by way of sampling and make recommendations for maintenance or repair.

You will receive our expert opinions and recommendations in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations. We are certified by the German Association of Material Testing Institutes (VMPA) as a recognised concrete testing centre for the determination of compressive strength, flexural strength and water impermeability, on moulded test specimens, and compressive strength on drill cores.

Our services at a glance:

  • Investigations on fresh and hardened concrete in plants, on construction sites or in the laboratory, analysis and interpretation of the results from a single source
  • Assessment of the condition of existing buildings and engineering structures according to DIN 1076
  • Manual inspection: concrete condition, concrete corrosion, reinforcement corrosion, joint condition, joint sealants
  • Core drilling and non-destructive testing methods
  • Testing of aggregate, cements, mortars and screeds
  • Concrete chemical investigations
  • Assessment of water and soils aggressive to concrete
  • Concrete tests: cracks, reinforcement corrosion, white tank
  • Testing the compressive strength and water permeability of concrete test specimens
  • Advising the company and the construction sites on concrete selection and processing
  • Performance of suitability tests, quality and hardening tests
  • Evaluation of concrete tests
  • Inspection of the equipment of the construction sites and specialist training

Our brochure "Understanding Concrete" can be found on the right under Downloads and provides more details on the services of the DMT Concrete Testing Centre.

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