Environmental technology: efficient and safe remediation and disposal concepts

Environmental services demand the interplay of multiple disciplines, which is precisely our forte, as DMT's long-term experience in this field spans a large range of services at all phases of the project life cycle. Our experts provide reliable and cost-efficient solution for dealing with industrial wasteland, conversion areas or building sites in the form of suitable disposal and remediation concepts for safe and clean living space.

Our clients benefit from our comprehensive know-how of all modern engineering services related to the construction industry and environmental technology. Furthermore, our holistic approach to projects guarantees the highest level of security in terms of economical planning and project execution. You always maintain an overview of the current costs and project status. 

We provide services in the following areas:

Our special strengths:

  • High planning reliability
  • Extensive experience in planning and execution
  • Budget, schedule and cost certainty for the project
  • Trusting partnerships and strong cooperation with all those involved in the project
  • Technical monitoring and supervision

Protect the environment and reduce costs: environmental site assessments by DMT

One focus of our services in the field of environmental remediation is the assessment of the environmental conditions of industrial sites and real estate.

The assessment is carried out by means of a subsoil investigation of the site and is suitable as an instrument for determining immediate measures and for preventive protection of people and the environment. Using the findings of the subsoil survey, our experts perform a hazard analysis of the construction site.

In the case of existing buildings or established sites, the pollutant emissions from harmful substances contained therein are catalogued so that we can make recommendations for remediation, deconstruction or disposal concepts.

Our speciality: The building pass

With our building pass you maintain and protect your property reliably and preventively against damage and risks. Our experts prepare a report which comprehensively documents the condition of your building or facility and shows you potential hazards. Ideally, this documentation should be repeated at regular intervals to avoid unnecessary damage and costs.

An overview of our services in the fields of environmental technology, disposal and remediation:

  • Site surveys (ground, water, air)
  • Risk assessments
  • Assessment of contaminated sites
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Expert witness reports and audits (e.g. according to German regulation on facilities handling water hazardous substances)
  • Landfill construction
  • Land management
  • Design of stockpiles
  • Building surveys (pollutants / hazardous substances)
  • Preliminary investigations for baseline reports
  • Site pass with recurring review
  • Remediation and dismantling/disposal concepts
  • Building pass with recurring review
  • Holistic project management: planning in all work phases, preparation of qualified tender documents, support in contract negotiations, construction supervision, acceptance checks and quality assurance, evaluation and optimisation of the interfaces, contract and claim management

Our specialists have all the necessary qualifications to handle event the most complex tasks reliably, safely and efficiently and work to recognized German standards (e.g. SCC**, BGR128, SiGeKo, TRGS 519, TRGS 521).

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