DMT has many personalities

No company can achieve Engineering Performance without the right pioneering and passionate people. We believe in our employees. With their prudence and expertise, they make valuable contributions to our broad portfolio of services.

As a DMT GROUP employee, you can look forward to exciting and multifaceted assignments. After all, engineering is anything but boring. You can undoubtedly make more of an impact with us together with your highly motivated and responsible co-workers equipped with first-class qualifications. Together, we solve the technical challenges of the modern age and answer the global questions of the future.

The best advertisement for everything we do for our employees to offer them the perfect environment is their own, personal stories.

Here are a few examples - Stay tuned for more coming soon!
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Daria Goncharova, Global Sustainability Lead, on ESG in mining

Voted as one of the 100 most inspirational women in mining, Daria Goncharova understands the role of ESG compliance and the significance of sustainability for the mining sector. She knows about the importance of certification systems for mineral raw materials.

Driving digitalization in mining with Martin Efferoth

Martin Efferoth's journey at DMT has only recently begun, but it is set for the future: Martin is helping to create and optimize the digital infrastructure in mining companies. Travelling to different regions of the world, he takes the opportunity to combine his work with getting to know foreign cultures. 

Jens Schweitzer, Product Manager Geoinstruments

Working for us for 16 years, Jens Schweitzer has known DMT since his student days. He witnessed the natural transformation process of DMT over time in order to meet the new challenges of the future – for Jens the perfect opportunity to bring in his skills. 

Using your workforce sustainably with Marietta Sander

Using your workforce sustainably with Marietta Sander, Partner EE ENERGY ENGINEERS GmbH. Supporting her clients to provide a sustainable energy supply or to find their way to establish a circular economy and sustainable management means more than just considering environmental parameters.

Rüdiger Misiek on finding resources for the energy transition

Finding mineral resources and raw materials, e.g. for the energy transition, is the main focus of Dr Rüdiger Misiek’s work as Deputy Head Exploration Seismic at DMT. This complex task requires real teamwork – especially for international projects which also involve extensive logistical planning beforehand, he explains.


Dr Melanie Wiegand on Biological Safety

Caring for health, safety and education with Dr Melanie Wiegand - As Deputy Head of DMT's Testing Body for Biological Safety, the tangible impact of her work in the bio lab e.g. testing tap water, evaporative cooling, and ventilation systems for pathogens, appeals to Melanie the most. It is also essential for her and her team to stay updated with the latest scientific insights, she explains. 


Christian Heiermann on Industrial Engineering

Looking at the bigger picture with Christian Heiermann, Head of Business Segment Industrial EngineeringWorking mostly worldwide on projects, Christian knows that Engineering Performance is the result of teamwork – where different people work together as a well-coordinated team. It is where professional expertise and soft skills come together and meet the ability to think outside the box. 

Suzan Bayram on a career in Process Engineering

“The best thing about working for DMT is having so many mentors and experts here!” In the latest video from our series “What speaks for us are our employees”, Suzan Bayram, Mineral Processing Engineer, explains the benefits of starting a technical career at DMT and how she is being supported by experts and mentors from her own and other divisions and through continued academic and practical training within the company.


Carsten Gelhard on Making Hydrogen available to all

Making Hydrogen available to everyone – Dr. Carsten Gelhard, Head of HydroHub, explains how we are bundling expertise across TÜV NORD GROUP for sustainable and long-term hydrogen solutions and also why he’s always on the lookout for new ambitious colleagues, wanting to combine work in engineering, consulting and economics.


Ramon Rautenberg, from trainee to management position

"Many of my colleagues, especially those in engineering, are devoted to their fields. And it’s a lot of fun to work with people who are passionate and enjoy what they do,“ says Ramon Rautenberg, and he should know after 15 years at DMT. Joining the company as a trainee straight after school, Ramon is now Deputy Head of Strategy, Finance and Controlling for DMT GROUP. It is not uncommon for our trainees and work students to stay with the company and climb the career ladder.

Elke Dörner on occupational health management at DMT

Burnout and stress-related illnesses are a growing issue – something Elke Dörner, Health Management Officer can relate to. She works closely with our parent company TÜV NORD GROUP to improve occupational health – to the benefit of all of our employees. One example is a cooperation with professional psychologists, to offer free consultations and advice to staff, because the well-being of our employees is a top priority.


Natalie Morris on Engineering Performance at DMT

Engineering Performance is our vison and our promise to our clients, and to deliver than we need the best of the best, explains Marketing Manager, Natalie Morris. She also talks about some of the benefits of working for the group, and why she would particuarly like to encourage women to apply - Improving gender balance and inclusion are namely high on the agenda at DMT.


Trisha Ramsaroop, Geologist, on life and work at DMT

"My favourite project at DMT?...I actually have three" Trisha Ramsaroop, Geologist at DMT Kai Batla in South Africa, talks about her passion for rocks, the experience of managing international mining exploration projects and the opportunities she’s had working for DMT GROUP.

Roman Krähling, Head of Machine Diagnosis

"I was interested in the opportunities that this company offers me" - Roman Krähling, Head of Business Segments Machine Diagnosis & Geoinstruments and Flow Measuring Technology at DMT in Essen, Germany, explains why he was keen to join DMT - a company with a vision - and how his team is already making a difference in the field of metrology and sensorics. 

Himani Makkar, Contract Manager, on work and family

"I really appreciate being able to work remotely in a flexible way, so I can balance family and career." - Himani Makkar, Contract Manager at DMT in Essen, Germany, spills the beans on what attracted her to DMT, her onboarding and how she manages to combine the responsibility of her job with bringing up a young family.

What speaks for us are our employees

Are you intrigued to hear what other DMT GROUP employees have to say about their current projects, career development, onboarding and company benefits? Then please check back soon - the next employee videos will follow shortly. In the meantime, here are a few glimpses of what's to come.

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