Whatever you want to monitor, we can put a sensor on – we call it "monitoring everything"

Monitoring at DMT GROUP – that means: continuous, precise and reliable condition and integrity monitoring of plants, gearboxes, bridges, tunnels, cranes, tracks, wind turbines, air qualities, excavation pits, stockpiles and much more. "Monitoring everything" is our guiding principle and means: What can be measured can also be monitored. For our clients we offer a one-stop shop: From the monitoring concept, to design and implementation of the monitoring network based on the clients' operating parameters, to the central online platform and the evaluation and handling of (deviation) events.

Serving all monitoring needs of our clients without reservation, regardless of the market and regardless of whether the focus is on consulting, engineering, geoinformation or geotechnology – that is our claim. The following tiles will take you to the detailed pages of central DMT monitoring offerings as well as the service pages in which monitoring plays an integral role.

DMT's sensor and software solutions for any kind of condition monitoring.

Please note: Underneath the tiles you will learn in detail how DMT's monitoring competence comprehensively spans many of our fields of activity.

Monitoring everything

At a time when the real, physical world is experiencing more and more interfaces with the digital world, when the Internet is being integrated into more and more things (Internet of Things – IoT), partners are needed in the professional context who do not offer their solutions as an end in themselves. Who don't just focus on something because it is now technically possible. Rather, they need industry specialists who are able to address specialist needs with their knowledge and solutions in such a way that real added value is generated from the technical possibilities. The potential of the Internet of Things will only be exploited productively if service providers understand how to link clients' real-world problems with measurable added value from the virtual world and derive more efficient solutions from this. 

In the monitoring environment, we have been the market leader and innovation driver for decades, having succeeded in precisely this linking of the real and digital worlds. Monitoring is one of the central fields of activity of the DMT GROUP and we have built up our expertise over a long period of time in a wide variety of applications and markets. Monitoring covers all areas related to the sensoring and recording of conditions and the resulting derivation of recommendations for action. Our monitoring solutions record a wide range of deviation events and allow life cycle assessments in real time. In doing so, they connect the real world with the virtual world.

Here the motion sensor in the slope protection – there the IoT platform that collects and processes the data. 

When it goes beyond monitoring, we are your partner with our solutions for PRE (Plant Reliability Enablement) and SIM (Smart Inspection & Monitoring), for example. With PRE, we combine plant knowledge, maintenance processes and condition monitoring. It is the assistance tool for maintenance. Our SIM monitoring solution for plants subject to alternating loads (e.g. pressure vessels, boilers or pipelines) is an innovative, digital overall concept for determining service life and inspection intervals for plant components, consisting of fracture mechanics damage tolerance analysis, engineering services, online monitoring and approval aspects.

In short, we provide the tools and expertise to take testing and inspection engineering to the next level.

Our clients come from all industries where (condition) monitoring and inspection are needed: Our solutions are successfully used in the process, oil and gas industries. We also monitor conditions in plant engineering and mining, in conventional power plants and wind turbines, as well as in infrastructure, geotechnical and construction-related applications. We monitor and measure plants, machines, infrastructures (civil engineering, bridges, tunnels, roads, rails, pylons, antennas, excavations, etc.) and structural engineering projects, up to geotechnical phenomena and processes of any size. 

The experts at DMT GROUP cover all aspects of the value chain related to monitoring: At the beginning there is the recording and assessment of the initial situation at the client. Subsequently, solution concepts and their implementation are planned. In the actual realization of monitoring projects, one of the major advantages for our clients is the proven modularity of our portfolio. Both our hardware (such as sensors, probes, measuring devices) and our software are convincing in that they are open systems, can be seamlessly integrated into existing customer solutions and can be scaled to the exact needs of the projects. 

The customer's needs determine the scope and degree of our involvement: We make recommendations for action, we provide services. We help to extend inspection, maintenance and test intervals and to predict, plan and shorten machine downtimes. We help identify hazards and maintain operational safety. We help meet environmental regulations, QHSE requirements and reduce workplace hazards. We enable prediction of wear and damage. We assist in meeting regulatory requirements and increasing productivity. The client and the application dictate the size of the project: It can be a single vibration measurement on a machine. Or the use of hundreds of vibration or load sensors on large projects such as highway bridges. 

In the field of monitoring, DMT is the leading partner – which is why we speak of "monitoring everything".

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