Digital Solutions for Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Design

DMT GROUP offers digital services for civil engineering and infrastructure design that cover entire project lifecycles, from the early inception and programming phase throughout design and construction, up to operation and maintenance.

The focus lies on a transparent environment to enable data sharing and enhance real-time collaboration. In this way, DMT’s digital solution for civil engineering works and infrastructure leads to optimized workflows, informed decision-making and reliable project delivery. It is the innovative toolkit-offering required to advance sustainable, resilient infrastructure design now and in the future.


What is the future of infrastructure and civil engineering?

Technology and digitalization are opening new avenues for innovation, collaboration, efficiency, and engagement. Civil engineering and infrastructure will be no different. For the last 10 years, digitalization has been steering and shaping the design methodology in the civil engineering sector. Today’s advanced tools owe their efficacy to this evolution, and as one of the early-adopters of these technologies, DMT is perfectly placed to bring their clients’ spaces to life with a suite of transparent, digital tools leveraging digital design processes to deliver collaborative and efficient project management.

DMT’s Digital Solutions for Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Design bring together many of DMT’s areas of expertise, extending our ability to provide engineering services and project management consultancy for infrastructure projects of any size in any geography. Under the overarching framework of independent digitalization, DMT is rolling out a design management platform incorporating components from spatial technologies, BIM environment, GIS technologies, real-time monitoring and 3D ground modelling.

The ultimate goal is to streamline and optimize civil engineering projects by integrating all task information into one common data environment. A collaborative platform offers transparent visualizations and optimized workflows leading to sustainable and reliable decisions and ultimately improved project management and delivery. This comprehensive and connected environment is achieved through a set of tailor-made solutions built by DMT’s industry experts and designed specifically for the most pressing infrastructure engineering needs of today.

In addition, DMT introduces a visual component that enhances the user experience for easier and more intuitive workflows compared to traditional monitoring and controlling processes. One capability for instance is the management of interfaces amongst different systems. This has now become an easy and configurable task, helping to reduce the risk of planning errors, schedule delays and construction rework.

Our design management platform allows for the seamless transition of civil engineering works and infrastructure design projects to consecutive work phases, and is also integrated into the drawing workflow. Another beneficial capability of our design tool is its potential to accurately predict different work steps, for instance, the estimated volume of excavated material.

At DMT we are proud of our numerous engineering solutions that flawlessly enhance and reinforce our extensive engineering consultancy expertise. DMT’s portfolio also covers complementary disciplines such as geotechnics, geophysics, hydrogeology, surveying, power transmission and distribution, water and pipe networks and utilities.

DMT’s diverse pool of resources for spatial infrastructure and civil engineering needs include:

  • Data acquisition & conversion
  • Data analysis & reporting
  • Solutions development
  • Systems integration
  • Image processing & raster analysis
  • Design conceptualization
  • Value engineering
  • Digital twins
  • Design management platforms
  • Advance KPI configuration & real-time monitoring & reporting tools
  • BIM/GIS road map development & implementation
  • Process automation & workflow optimization
  • Document Management tools

Benefits of location-based digital engineering transformation

Location-based technologies (such as BIM & GIS) bring numerous benefits to infrastructure and engineering projects throughout their entire lifecycle.

DMT utilizes BIM and other relevant digital engineering solutions leading to value added services:

  • Concept visualization
  • Validation & what-if scenarios
  • Volumetric analysis
  • Energy modelling
  • Clash management
  • Quantification & costing
  • Progress monitoring
  • Safety
  • Quality control
  • Smart operation & maintenance

Clients trust DMT’s digital solutions, developed by our in-house experts, as well as our services that provide all related projects with comprehensive guidance and consultancy services. Utilizing a digital design platform significantly improves engineering project management, reduces cost, increases efficiency, and drives future competitiveness.

Applying 3D modelling, considered as the “digital twin” of spatial infrastructure technology projects, adds transparency and a holistic project awareness for all stakeholders, while speeding up the project progress through agile digital operation.

By the nature of digital project management, clients gain transparency and are able to easily coordinate collaboration between different stakeholders (such as third party companies), leading to a more reliable and stable schedule. Project and process forecasting helps clients reduce operational costs while maintaining a transparent project overview in real time – all with an independent and flexible partner which is capable of integrating third party solutions into its design management platform.

DMT serves as an independent advisor without any up- or cross-selling necessity. However, broad cross-selling opportunities exist: the extensive TÜV NORD GROUP and DMT network offers solutions and products that might currently be used outside the infrastructure sector but can be easily integrated if needed.

If you are responsible for the digital side of your infrastructure project, we should talk.

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