High quality seismic exploration and monitoring: The SUMMIT series

Flexible, reliable and efficient: The seismographs of the SUMMIT family are outstanding measuring instruments for seismic data acquisition. They provide optimal information for your construction or exploration project. These tools save you costs and help deliver planning reliability, making seismic exploration more predictable and manageable. Our seismic instruments offer you a versatile and modular measuring system for various tasks in active seismic exploration and passive seismic monitoring for the measurement of vibrations. The measuring devices are characterized by their flexibility and ease of operation, especially for challenging field applications. They transmit data reliably, quickly and in the highest quality - even in difficult to access and climatically challenging terrain.  

Introducing the advanced measuring instruments of the SUMMIT series

The measuring instruments of the SUMMIT series include:

  • SUMMIT X One: Flexible snap-on seismograph for high-resolution seismic exploration 
  • SUMMIT II Ex: Worldwide unique seismograph for seismic exploration measurements in explosive environments
  • SUMMIT M Vipa: Seismograph for monitoring and measuring vibrations 
  • Vib3D: The new IoT sensor for real-time vibration monitoring

Access our cutting-edge SUMMIT instruments and expert services for seismic exploration

The measuring instruments of the SUMMIT family can be rented and purchased in different configurations or can be acquired in connection with our services. Our experts offer you product training and support you in data evaluation. With us as your partner, you gain access to the interdisciplinary network of the TÜV NORD GROUP, one of the leading technology service providers worldwide. Our teams work closely with science and research centres and therefore have access to the latest knowledge in their industry. We use this knowledge to continually further develop our geo measuring instruments, to give our clients maximum flexibility, reliability and data quality for their seismic exploration and monitoring projects

Technical data of our seismographs can be found on our product sheets in the download section to the right. 

SUMMIT X One - Exploration Seismograph

Our latest exploration seismograph for high resolution seismic exploration featuring our SNAP-On technology, SUMMIT X ONe is the most flexible cable bounded system offering variable geophone distances, real time recording, lightweight units, fast line setup and automatic allocation.

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SUMMIT II Ex - Ex-proof Seismograph

The ex-proof SUMMIT seismograph for use in underground mining and the chemicals insdutry.

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SUMMIT Vipa - Monitoring Seismograph

DMT's 3(+1) channel seismograph for vibration monitoring and microtremor.

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Vib3D - Monitoring Sensor

Vib3D, the new IOT sensor for real-time vibration monitoring.

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