Gyroscope sensor GYROMAT: High-precision surveys for cost-efficient planning reliability


Avoid measurement errors and reduce costs with world’s only gyroscope sensor for determining and checking direction with high precision. When high precision is required and other measuring methods are no longer effective, the gyroscope sensors of our GYROMAT series provide you with measuring results of the highest accuracy. This happens quickly, easily, and reliably even in geographically and topographically challenging terrain and under difficult conditions. Our gyroscope offers completely automatic north-seeking and azimuth detection with worldwide unsurpassed accuracy for the exact direction of your construction project. Possible sources of error in the measurements are compensated. You avoid subsequent directional corrections and instead reach the end point of your measurement project accurately and reliably.

With wireless remote control and data transfer, our gyroscope sensors provide additional security, but can also be operated conventionally with manual mode. Challenges in construction and measurement projects in tunnels, shipbuilding, or other projects requiring the highest directional accuracy are solved quickly and efficiently with the use of our gyroscope sensors. High-resolution data facilitate easy analysis, calculation and evaluation of the data and support the monitoring of the gyroscopic or geodetic survey.

Thus, you are guaranteed to lead your project to success within the predefined cost and time planning. The GYROMAT sensors can be purchased individually as a product from us - or chartered together with a DMT expert team as a service for your construction project. If you decide to purchase a GYROMAT, you will also receive a two-day free training session for the device.

The Perfect Tool for Gyroscopic Surveying

Our GYROMAT 5000 is the most accurate surveying gyroscope in the world. Its measurement method compensates for possible sources of error such as refraction, error propagation, or even plumb line errors when the direction is to be determined from a shaft. The piezo drive around the horizontal angle with high-resolution angle encoder acquires the measurement data with the highest precision. The state-of-the-art energy concept with reliable energy buffer and exchangeable battery makes the system faster, safer and easier to maintain. The housing is ergonomically designed and is therefore particularly suitable for geodetic and other surveys in demanding terrain.

The possibility of individually equipping theodolites or total stations allows universal use for geodesy or industrial surveying. Examples of such use can be found in directional measurements underground, in tunnel surveying or in metrological applications for north-seeking.

A New Generation of World-class High-precision Gyroscope Sensors

GYROMAT 5000 is the successor of GYROMAT 3000, which provides measurement results with an accuracy of 1/1000th of a gon. This corresponds to an arc deviation of approximately 1.6 cm at one kilometer distance. The measurement time for a directional measurement is approximately 10 minutes. The new, improved 5000 version provides an even greater surveying accurary of 0.8 mgon and allows for shorter measuring times of approx. 6-9 minutes, delivering even more precise information in less time. The new piezo drive with a high resolution angle encoder and the new energy concept with a reliable energy storage system and replaceable battery make the system faster, more reliable and easier to maintain. The option to add a theodolite or a total station as required enables the instrument to be used universally for geodetic applications or control work.

Our gyroscope sensor offers the following advantages:

  • Reliable north-seeking gyroscope
  • Compensates for error sources and measurement deviations such as refraction, error propagation or plumb line errors when measuring direction from a shaft
  • Application guarantees planning reliability and cost efficiency
  • Menu-controlled measurement sequence
  • Extended monitoring functions
  • Gyroscopic measuring unit with reliable intermediate energy storage

Other advantages and unique features are:

  • Fully automatic measuring sequence
  • Pre-orientation-free measuring method
  • Wired interfaces (USB / RS- 232) for control and data transmission
  • Certified according to DIN 18723 part 7 (1990)

Geodetic and other successful applications of the GYROMAT have been reported in the articles provided below.

The surveyors in the longest tunnel of the world - AlpTransit Gotthard: Measurement Uncertainty of Gyro-measurements in the Construction Works of the Gotthard Base Tunnel (p. 50-57)

"...With the GYROMAT of the Westfälische Berggewerkschaftskasse (WBK, today DMT, Essen, Germany) at the end of the 1970s [Eichholz, K. and Schäfler, 1978] the first automated high precision gyro theodolite was presented and commercially available on the civilian market. This instrument can be considered as a reference in tunnel projects and was therefore utilized as well by different institutions in the Gotthard Base Tunnel..."



Lesotho’s rivers now flow to the north


"A 32 km tunnel cavity,which leads away from the recently built Mohale Dam, is currently under construction...For the tunnels cavities actually to meet, it is necessary to carry out precise surveying work. Building on the need and experience in German coal mining, the precision gyro-theodolite "Gyromat 2000” has been developed for such measurements. Its predecessor had already been used in the construction of the Eurotunnel which connects Great Britain with the European mainland..."



Light at the end of the tunnel - Reporter, the global magazine of Leica Geosystems, Issue 71


"DMT developed one of the first high-precision surveying gyroscopes for the German coal mining industry. The Gyromat was subsequently further developed for a variety of tasks...since then, DMT experts have successfully carried out out more than 3,500 gyroscope campaigns across the globe using high-accuracy Gyromats and Leica Geosystems total stations..."

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