3D Scanning with Explosion-proof Survey Laser Scanner

The IMAGER 5006EX is the first 3D scanning ATEX-certified survey laser scanner. Based on the high quality survey laser scanner Z+F IMAGER® 5006, DMT and Zoller+Froehlich GmbH collaborated to develop a laser scanner for safe data acquisition and remote sensing in even the most demanding, high-risk environments. Its high measurement speed, remote operability and the interchangeable battery which can be exchanged in hazardous areas make it the ideal tool for difficult operating points, such as in industrial plants, in mining or in the offshore sector, and thus highly increase the productivity rate.

3D Scanning: High-Resolution Surveying with the IMAGER Survey Laser Scanner

A 3D scanning laser survey is an efficient and reliable way for accurately mapping buildings and structures. The IMAGER 5006EX employs LIDAR technology to generate 3D-models of for example ship tanks, silos, buildings, or mine constructions. It delivers high-resolution models that can be used for applications like as-built documentation, variance comparison or non-contact safety inspections.

Prevent Damage by Relying on Accurate 3D Scanning Measurements

With a rate of nearly 600.000 pixel/seconds, the IMAGER 5006EX allows you to get fast and accurate 3D scans of the surrounding. It is the fastest laser scanner for 3D surveying on the market. Minimal noise guarantees highly accurate measurements on a multitude of surfaces and even with great distances. Used at the highest data acquisition speed, the scanner still measures with precision in the millimetre range.

The Perfect Survey 3D Scanner for Mining and Other Explosive Atmospheres

Due to the ATEX certification, IMAGER 5006EX revolutionizes measuring in explosive atmospheres such as in the chemical industry and mining. Services with IMAGER 5006EX especially in underground mining and sewerage systems support numerous advantages that not only increase safety and productivity but also reduce costs. It introduces the application of as-build documentation and non-contact safety inspections as well as deformation analysis and acceptance inspection in more processes in the oil & gas sector, for maintenance and repair in the shipbuilding industry and geological investigations. The 3D scanner IMAGER 5006EX eliminates guess-work about the extent of damage in pits, tanks, or piping and instead allows for accurate evaluation and documentation of development conditions and potential damage. 

Thanks to its stand-alone construction with the built-in battery, no external power supply or other devices are needed, eliminating potential ignition sources and enabling independent operation, resulting in expanded flexibility.

The world’s first ATEX approved 3D surveying laser scanner is certified for the device group I (firedamp mines) I M2 Ex d [ib] op is I Mb and group II (explosive gas atmospheres) II 2G Ex d [ib] op is IIB T4 Gb.

Applications of the 3D scanning IMAGER 5006EX:

  • As-built documentation
  • Safety inspections
  • Accident and damage analysis
  • Deformation analysis
  • Acceptance inspection of contractual work
  • Volume calculation and variance comparison
  • Geological rock face survey

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