Testing laboratory for air and water hygiene

DMT's in-house test facilities in Germany, some of them unique, play an important role in ensuring air and water hygiene. There our experts not only examine drinking water and air samples, but also provide expert services in the field of filtration and separation technology - for example, by testing and evaluating the air-hygienic properties of household appliances (e.g. vacuum cleaners). 

Benefit from the comprehensive services of our test facilities:

Hygiene inspections of ventilation systems - VDI 6022

Workplace ventilation and air conditioning systems automatically fall under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the subordinate regulations thereof and must be permanently maintained to the highest standard. In Germany the current guideline according to which these technical regulations must be implemented is VDI 6022. 

The Workplace Ordinance also requires that the performance of ventilation and air-conditioning systems must be checked regularly. They must function reliably and only emit air that is clean and safe. 

Such tests must be carried out by qualified personnel and meet certain minimum requirements in order to be legally compliant in all cases. DMT's hygiene inspections meets these requirements. 

Microbiological investigations - VDI 6022 and VDI 2047

Regular hygiene tests should be carried out during maintenance and inspection of air conditioning systems to prove that the requirements of VDI guidelines 6022 and 2047 are fulfilled. 

DMT also offers these hygiene tests for microbiological sample materials of ventilation and air conditioning systems. If you as the plant operator would prefer to take the samples yourself, we offer you the necessary materials and brief instructions for handling. Once you have sent your samples to the DMT laboratory, they are evaluated by our experts, who prepare a report of the evaluation.

The following services are part of our offer:

  • Germ count determination (e.g. in humidifier/cooling water)
  • Examination for Legionella (e.g. in humidifier/cooling water)
  • Contact samples (e.g. determination of the bacterial count on air duct surfaces)
  • Further germ identification (e.g. moulds)
  • Determination of the bacterial count in the ambient air

Drinking water tests according to the German Drinking Water Ordinance - VDI 6023


The German Drinking Water Ordinance requires facility operators to ensure the quality of drinking water from the tap. In many cases, the water quality can only be reliably determined by a regular (1 or 3 year) examination. This applies above all to the often complex systems of large-scale buildings, which must conform to the generally accepted technological standard.

As an accredited and approved laboratory, the DMT Testing Body for Biological Safety offers you the following services:


  • Qualified sampling of drinking water according to the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV)
  • Microbiological, chemical and physical investigations of drinking water (e.g. for legionella or lead)
  • Preparation of hygiene plans for drinking water installations
  • Hazard analyses by experts
  • Technological hygiene inspections and evaluations of drinking water installations
  • Development of sanitation proposals for contaminated drinking water installations
  • Monitoring and control of the sanitation measures

Further information on air hygiene, water hygiene, legionella testing and other safety topics can be found on the website plant-product-safety.dmt-group.com.


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