Non-destructive exploration: 2D / 3D seismics

The non-destructive method of reflection seismic is used in mining and the natural resources industry to image subsurface structures in two or three dimensions and to build geological deposit models.

With its many years of experience, DMT is the expert in the non-destructive 2D/3D imaging of raw material and other deposits, such as geothermal exploration and the search for final repositories. Compared to classical exploration methods, which require costly, point-by-point boreholes, with 3D seismics we can create detailed geological images that allow an early understanding of the location and nature of deposits.


Whether as a sub-discipline of feasibility studies in mining, for the exploration of intermediate or final storage sites, or in geothermal projects for power or heat generation: As a full-service provider, DMT is ideally equipped and trained to carry out seismic exploration of any kind. Customizable to customer requirements, our portfolio includes seismic products and services such as vibrators or wireless/wired measurement systems (SUMMIT Xone, AutoSeis, Sercel) for any size of project (existing equipment for seismic applications up to depths of 7km).

Our pre-field seismic surveys generate detailed knowledgeearly on that is not available in conventional methods so early in the project cycle. Thus, even with shorter lead times, more accurate cost predictions for the next feasibility stage are available, while at the same time a geological model for the entire life cycle of the reservoir is generated.

With well over 100 mining projects worldwide, including SCCP, DIN ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certification and an LTI rate* <1, we meet industry standards such as OGP. As an EAGE member, we are the right partner in the field of non-destructive seismic exploration. (*Lost Time Incident Rate)



Our comprehensive range of seismic methods and procedures consists of:

  • 2D and 3D reflection seismic
  • Refraction seismic
  • VSP Vertical Seismic Profiling
  • Seismic monitoring
  • Seismic processing and modelling

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SUMMIT seismic data acquisition systems

The SUMMIT seismic system convinces by its light weight, the high flexibility on site and the easy and fast line setup meanwhile the data can be seen in real time. It is a game changer in high resolution seismic surveying.

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