Services for dismantling concepts and disposal concepts

In order to demolish disused buildings or dismantle industrial facilities in an economically efficient and environmentally friendly manner, the building and the constituent construction materials first have to be examined for toxic substances.

Based on the potential hazard analysis, DMT works out a dismantling and disposal concept specifically for the site, which enables planned and selective dismantling. This systematically aims at minimising the volume of material to be disposed of while at the same time maximising the amount of material that can be recycled.  

Not only do we prepare potential hazard analyses and plan dismantling projects, we also provide expert supervision throughout the all stages of the decommissioning.

Our services in the field of decommissioning:

  • Assessment of existing buildings and facilities
  • Expert monitoring of dismantling projects
  • Preparation of building pollutant registers
  • Measurement of ambient air
  • Planning and preparation of dismantling concepts
  • Evaluation of disposal possibilities
  • Preparation of disposal concepts
  • Identification of remediation possibilities
  • Waste disposal (coordination of waste management)
  • Planning, tendering, awarding and invoicing
  • Cost evaluations and cost-benefit analyses

    Thanks to the expertise and experience of our specialists, we ensure you find the best solution - Count on DMT for the qualitative and economic success of the project.

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