Preparation of initial status reports

Determining and monitoring the status of your soil and groundwater – (necessity, affected parties and procedure)

Are you planning the construction, conversion or decommissioning of your industrial premises? Are you obliged to observe specific regulations concerning contamination? Ensure legal certainty with our baseline report and benefit from our many years of experience in groundwater monitoring and soil monitoring in line with the German Immission Control Act (BImSchG, §10, 1a). This reduces your operating expenses, minimizes costs and ensures economic advantages right from the start!

Our expert witnesses support you in the efficient assessment, planning and investigation of your facilities and site in accordance with § 16 of the German Immission Control Act: For construction measures, companies are often obliged to submit an initial status report on ground conditions as part of the approval procedure. Our baseline report documents whether soil or groundwater contamination has occurred due to the operation of the plant and as a result of the relevant hazardous substances used, produced or released at the site.

In a first step (preliminary examination), Our experts check the quantity relevance of such detectable substances and classify the contents accordingly. The relevance test is carried out as a substance and quantity test in accordance with the requirements of the German working group for soil and groundwater protection LABO/LAWA.

If necessary after the preliminary examination, a second step is to carry out appropriate soil and groundwater investigations. With a view to cost-efficiency and individual requirements, we tailor our investigation strategy to the industrial plant in question. The scope of investigation is agreed in advance by our experts and the client, the laboratory and the respective responsible district government. All examination findings are documented in a final expert witness report encompassing the initial status and our evaluation with regard to possible soil and groundwater impairments and the future monitoring and updating of the baseline report.

With long-term soil and/or groundwater monitoring, you lay the foundation for the future of your business and can avoid unnecessary costs through fast, intelligent solutions. Regular quality control and self-monitoring make it easier for you to take preventive measures in the area of environmental protection.

Our competent experts will help you to establish trustful contacts with the relevant authorities in good time. With their many years of experience, our consultants and engineers navigate companies purposefully through the specifications of relevant standards. They take into account the individual requirements of your operations and provide legally compliant and fair advice.

Our services for the preparation of a baseline soil report

  • Classification of the plant and determination of the relevant areas for investigation
  • Identification, cataloguing and evaluation of relevant hazardous substances
  • Examination of substance and quantity relevance (CLP regulation and safety data sheets)
  • Examination of the possibility to eliminate pollution risks for plants handling substances hazardous to water
  • Evaluation of existing data on the soil/groundwater situation and history of the site
  • Assessment of the necessity for further investigations (soil/groundwater)
  • Preparation and implementation of an investigation strategy and programme
  • Coordination of the investigation strategy/programme with the client, the laboratory and the authorities
  • Evaluation of the findings in a final baseline report, including a strategy for long-term monitoring of soil and/or groundwater
  • Long-term soil monitoring and groundwater monitoring
  • Report updates and documentation of changes

Take advantage of our expertise and benefit from the initial status report as an integral and interdisciplinary module for self-monitoring and your own quality control.

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