Strategies for mine closure and environmental rehabilitation

Former industrial sites, including those requiring mine closure, can can pose long-term environmental risks, for example groundwater contamination through hazardous waste or threaten infrastructure through unstable constructions. But land recycling and cleanup of former industrial sites makes it possible to use them profitably for new purposes. In this respect, our interdisciplinary project teams bundle their knowhow to offer integrated services; from concept development to supervision of the construction work.

Mine closure services

One area that our engineering and conuslting services cover is the closure and remediation of mining sites. We have experience with groundwater management and mine water treatment, stabilizing mine shafts and many other mining applications. Our experts assist you in creating a mine closure plan that meets environmental requirements, schedule your mine closure activities, and help you with decommissioning and the cleanup of contaminated mining land after ceasing mining operations. 

Cleanup of contaminated sites: We develop your safe & sustainable cleanup program

Our range of services covers everything from research to utilization, investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites, keeping aquifers safe, assessment of existing buildings and preparation of viable remediation & cleanup plans for approval by the authorities. We also assist by providing site management and project management experts during the conduct of the project and safeguard your financial and quality interests in the execution phase.  

Our remediation experts are at your disposal

With experts in abandoned mining, hydrogeology, geotechnics and surface emissions working in close cooperation, DMT is well-equipped to solve the complex issues involved in reutilizing abandoned mines and former industrial sites. It is precisely this interaction in the individual project phases that enables us to make the most of synergy effects. Our sustainable strategies and planning and the techniques we apply enable us to make former industrial sites fit again for new projects, whereby the main benefit to our customers is the many years of experience of our engineers and technicians. We place emphasis on developing, planning and using innovative techniques and strategies in order to reduce time and costs. Our services include:

  • Historical research
  • Identification and evaluation of risks
  • Creation of economic rehabilitation & cleanup plans
  • Natural attenuation & bioremediation
  • Groundwater monitoring, water quality assessment
  • Retroactive maintenance concepts

Monitored natural attenuation and cleanup management

We provide consulting on natural attenuation and monitored natural attenuation. Natural attenuation includes biodegratation, destruction or natural decay of contaminants, also called intrinsic bioremediation and other natural processes that do not require human intervention. To ensure the safety and efficiency of these natural processes, we assist with monitoring solutions to evaluate the development and transformation of the contaminated site as well as the progress of natural attenuatio. In case the natural processes of attenuation should not be sufficient, we help you find the right treatment methods for aquifers, waste water, solutions for spilled pollutants and other remediation technology. Our experience in different areas is a vast resource that will help you finalize your operation in a safe and effective way. 


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