Operational Advice & Owner's Engineer for Mining

Thanks to its involvement in the construction and operation of many mines around the world, DMT has considerable operational expertise in acting as Owner’s Engineer in the mining industry. We offer support for mine owners in many mining-related areas to best use their mining and technological resources. These services span from planning mineral exploration and locating ore deposits to finding and designing the right equipment to decommissioning, reclamation and ceasing operation. 

Setting Up Your Mining Operation for Success

Typically these assignments involve basing one or more of our professional staff in-situ, on a long-term or semi‐permanent basis. This allows us to better assist a mine owner and developer by overseeing the design, construction, and operation of their mining project. DMT has experience with different mining technologies, such as open-pit mining or other forms of surface mining as well as underground mining. 

But we do not just provide solutions for the initial stages of mining. At operational mines, DMT assists their clients in adapting their operations to changing economic circumstances. This can mean reducing operating or capital costs in case of falling commodity prices or increasing capacity when commodity prices rise. We also offer practical assistance to help optimise head grades and increase tonnage. 

Project management as well as strategic advice are included in DMT's range of mining services.

Risk Analysis & Case Studies

Our services cover assessing the environmental impact of your mining operation as well as other risks such as threats to operational health & safety. This includes evaluating the geological conditions of your surface or underground mine and how they affect the mining operation. DMT also helps mining companies with applying new technologies for their mining operation and to take the most out of their ore deposits. Our optimisation studies uncover new potentials for mining ore bodies. 

Operational & Practical Training for Miners

We offer advice to improve safety and manpower requirements. DMT also provides practical and operational training for the owner’s personnel to ensure that miners are equipped to deal with the challenges and safety requirements on-site.

  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Project Management
  • Optimisation studies
  • Strategic studies & advice
  • Operational Health & Safety
  • Sustainability / Environmental Management
  • Staff training

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