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ESG - Sustainability Services for the Raw Materials Sector


The transformative process towards sustainability has already begun. And ESG is the key. DMT helps you navigating on your path to realise your objectives in Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance. DMT is your ally in facilitating the seamless integration of sustainable development practices into your daily business operations. Position yourself as reliable partner for investors, shareholders, clients, business associates, employees, and society at large.



ESG is key – Create trust and transparency

Sustainability, transparency and traceability are shaping the transformation of the raw materials sector. Along entire value chains, the raw materials sector is developing and producing sustainable innovations. Driven by the growing demand of consumers and an increasing number of international legislations, compliance with ESG principles has become THE key factor and essential requirement of today and for the future that determines success or failure on the market.

While non-compliant companies are facing more and more challenges, risks and consequences for their daily business, companies with ESG-compliant processes are considered more attractive, reliable, and trusted partners for shareholders, investors, governments, business partners, customers, employees and society itself.

Companies that can prove their ESG-compliance benefit from:

  • Cost reduction:
    efficient production, reduced costs for environmental and social damages, reduced insurance costs
  • Increased attractiveness for investors/partners/clients:
    competitive advantages, access to unique markets
  • Improvement of brand image:
    positioning as more sustainable and responsible partner
  • Risk minimisation:
    Social License to operate, ensured credibility for stakeholders, reduced supply chain risks
  • Legal certainty:
    preparation for legal compliance, acting as reliable business partner



Embrace sustainability and ESG compliance as a core strategy for success. DMT is here to support you and your business to arrive in a sustainable future.


Customised Sustainability Services for your success



With DMT’s traditional and new consultancy services we provide a holistic approach and a wide variety of services in order to support and guide your business in the transition process towards sustainability. Our high-quality services are perfectly tailored to the needs of your company by our trained experts and will provide you with innovative insights, impulses, and perspectives in order to help you to comply with EU-regulations.