Mining Feasibility Studies & Other Assessments

A feasibility study and other preliminary assessments are the vital basis for evaluating the potential and economic costs of a mining project as well as the conditions for its realisation. DMT undertakes fully integrated technical design and economic assessment for mineral development projects at Scoping study, Pre‐feasibility and Feasibility study level. DMT has considerable experience of providing these studies developed over many years. Our expertise stems from our long experience in the international mining industry and our highly professional multidisciplinary staff.

We draw on our experience in exploration, geotechnics, engineering and metallurgy and multiple case studies to calculate the potential value of your ore resources and find the best mining method for your project. Our capabilities do not depend on the scale of your project. We serve both small mining projects and precious metal mines as well as large bulk mineral projects that involve substantial mine to port infrastructure. Our analyses help in the decision-making for further mineral exploration or investments as well as judge the feasibility of your project. 

For these studies, we are able to cover most aspects of mining assessment and mining engineering design with our in‐house resources.

We offer the following studies for mining projects:

  • Preliminary economic assessment (PEA)
  • Scoping study
  • Pre‐Feasibility Study
  • Definitive / Bankable Feasibility Study
  • Mining methods analysis
  • Detailed engineering
  • Cost estimation, market survey & economics

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