Deep Geothermal Energy – Site Investigation: 3D-seismics


Reference Project Vienna Basin: Site Investigation with 3D-seismics in Lower Austria


Site Investigation with 3D-seismics in Lower Austria - The detailed determination of data on the geological composition of the subsurface from a site investigation with 3D-seismics is a prerequisite for the use of deep geothermal energy as a heat source for the energy transition and the decarbonisation of heating networks.


On behalf of OMV AG and Wien Energie GmbH, DMT carried out a large-scale seismic site investigation of the Vienna Basin in the winter months of 2017/18 and 2018/19, thus creating the data basis for deep geothermal development in the region.


Figures, data, facts

  • Exploration of almost 1,500 square kilometres in Lower Austria in a total of only nine months. This corresponds to approx. 2/3 of the area of the Ruhr region.
  • Client: OMV AG and Wien Energie GmbH
  • DMT services: Planning, preparation, on-site implementation
  • First use of wireless measuring stations in combination with slip-sweep technology in Europe







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