SUMMIT Seismic Data Acquisition System

With seismographs of the SUMMIT family, DMT offers a modular seismic data acquisition system for a wide range of tasks in seismic exploration (e.g. 2D/3D reflection seismic as well as near surface investigations) as well as for passive micro-seismic monitoring and vibration measurements.

Seismic Exploration

The SUMMIT X One is a distributed seismic system specially designed for high resolution 2D/3D seismic surveys. Its unique data telemetry with the lightweight SUMMIT Line cable with SNAP-On technology enables easy and most flexible field deployment even in rough terrain and with complex field layouts. The modular and scalable system built up ensures high field productivity for both smaller systems with less than 50 channels for near surface investigations as well as for larger field deployments with >1000 channels for 2D/3D seismic reflection surveys.


The traditional compact 24-channels Seismographs SUMMIT II Compact, SUMMIT X Stream und SUMMIT X Stream Prooffer efficient solutions for classical near surface seismic investigations such as refraction and reflection seismic, as well as for applications in the engineering sector (e.g. seismic tomography measurement, surface wave investigations such as MASW).

The SUMMIT II EX is the ex-proofed (intrinsically safe) relative of the SUMMIT II Plus system especially designed for in-mine seismic surveys (e.g. in-seam seismic surveys).


  • High resolution 2D/3D seismic exploration
  • Near surface investigations (refraction / reflection seismic)
  • LVL measurements
  • Seismic tomography
  • VSP measurements
  • MASW measurements

Seismic Monitoring and Vibration measurements

The seismographs of the SUMMIT M series are designed for mobile and stationary monitoring applications. The SUMMIT M Vipa focuses on vibration measurements compliant to various national standards as well as applications in microseismic monitoring. The system provides comprehensive networking options for data transfer, remote access and alarm messaging.

Additionally, low cost IoT-based vibration monitoring sensors are available for dense network instrumentations as integrated part of the DMT SAFEGUARD monitoring database solution.


  • Microseismic monitoring
  • Rockburst monitoring
  • PPV and vibration measurements
  • Blast monitoring
  • Structural monitoring

Further detailed information on our SUMMIT seismic system as well as technical data are available on the SUMMIT system product site