DMT presents the most flexible cable bound seismic system: The SUMMIT X One

The SUMMIT X One represents the latest generation of DMT’s long-standing  successful SUMMIT product line of field seismographs. Ultra small one-channel remote units linking to a lightweight SUMMIT line cable via the new optimized SUMMIT SNAP-ON technology result in the world’s most flexible wired seismic acquisition system.

As the remote units can snap onto the line at any desired position, the SUMMIT X One provides an optimal solution for high resolution 2D and 3D seismic surveys also in challenging terrain. Any receiver spacing ranging from some tens of meters down to 1 meter can be realized with the same set of equipment.

Reliable and fast data transfer offers immediate and full quality control of acquired seismic data. The option of continuous data streaming also enables passive seismic applications such as monitoring of reservoir stimulation measures.

All in all, the SUMMIT X One combines the flexibility in field deployment of a wireless system with all the benefits of reliable online data access from a cabled system.

    Unique flexibility for seismic experts!

    • Optimised for high-resolution 2D / 3D surveys through its flexibility
    • Fast and easy setup due to its unique snap-on technology
    • Power and data transmission via lightweight two-wire cable
    • Extremely small and robust casing

    See all the features and advantages of the SUMMIT X One system demonstrated in this animated video.