Reliable seismic data acquisition in the most challenging conditions - SUMMIT X One excels in snowy South Tyrol


We're delighted that our customer GEODATA Surveying and Monitoring Group has again highlighted the performance and easy handling of our SUMMIT X One, flexible field seismograph.

During a recent survey in South Tyrol, Italy, the team faced not only the obstacle of deep snow, but substantial melting during the day and minus temperatures overnight, resulting in the remote units actually being frozen to the mountain.


David Kusnirak, Senior Geophysicist, was "really impressed how stable and robust the system was in the challenging conditions".
Despite the extreme light weight of the SUMMIT X One line cable and snap-on remote units, there were no issues at all with having to find disconnected/missing receiver units and the system booted up fine every morning. 

"All the 230 RUs we had on the line were nicely activiated every morning. From my point of view, very impressive performance!"
If you’re looking for a seismic data acquisition system that can deliver on all levels, whatever the climate or terrain, please get on touch to discuss your requirements.

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