Plant Safety and Fire Protection

Almost all buildings contain different types of technical facilities and systems which have to be inspected at regular intervals. When it comes to the responsible management and operation of your facilities, DMT supports you in an advisory function with a view to technical safety and compliance with relevant standards.

Whatever your requirements, be it initial acceptance or repeat checks of technical equipment or the design of a general safety plan for the building, DMT guarantees solutions to fulfil the necessary safety requirements of your buildings. This includes, inter alia:

Consulting services for your plant safety

Our consultancy portfolio offers a range of services from individual studies and specific solutions to comprehensive holistic assistance:

  • Examination of technical equipment to ensure compliance with relevant regulations
  • Assessment and determination of maintenance levels
  • Evaluation of installations prior to the takeover of buildings
  • Preparation or review of contract specifications for tendering procedures relating to technical equipment and installations
  • Supervision of building and installation work
  • Training
  • Hygiene certification (for example according to VDI)

A key focus of our consulting work is in the design of fire protection concepts for special constructions. Such buildings are for instance restaurants and public houses, shops, assembly rooms, schools, hospitals, garage complexes and industrial buildings. As the design of such buildings becomes ever more complex, so do the challenges involved in meeting legal safety requirements. This makes us all the more dedicated to providing comprehensible and effective solutions for your support.

More information on these services is available on our plant and product safety website.

Examination of technical equipment
Examination of technical equipment
Hygiene inspection
Hygiene inspection


In our Fire and Explosion Protection Centre in Dortmund, Germany, we offer seminars and practical training events for the fire department, company fire officers and rescue organisations.

By training in real fires, in dense smoke with "zero visibility" and temperatures up to 1000°C, our competent trainers carefully put both the physical and mental capabilities of the participants to the test. The three aspects of real-life practice, safety and environmental protection remain our prime focus. In addition to our broad standard programme, DMT offers individually tailor-made training courses:

  • Individual multi-level training concepts
  • Training and seminars on defensive and preventive fire and explosion protection
  • Mobile training
  • Training and seminars on using respiratory protection and thermal imagers
  • Real fire training for any class of fire and extinguishing agent
  • Accident and HazMat (hazardous materials) training
  • Provision of technical assistance in tunnels
  • "Train the Trainer" courses

At DMT's 20,000 square-meter training site we have the following facilities at our disposal:

  • 100 m fire testing tunnel (underground)
  • 25 m fire testing tunnel (above ground)
  • Real-fire flash-over training facility
  • Modular pyrodrome (gas-fired fire simulation building)
  • Accident training ground
  • Tunnel installation for training technical assistance


Our practical seminars can be tailored according to your level of knowledge as well as to your business requirements, and are based on our every-day experience in the following topics:

  • Building safety technology
  • Energy efficiency of buildings
  • Air and water hygiene
  • Fire and explosion protection
  • Fire protection training
  • Safety in tunnels

The DMT seminars newsletter provides the latest news on our current training and seminar offers, plus other valuable specialist information.

We are happy to carry out all of our seminars as in-house events at your company premises on request.

Fire testing
Fire testing
Training for fire brigades
Training for fire brigades

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