Mineral Resource Estimation and Reserve Estimation

DMT has extensive experience in estimating, auditing, and reviewing Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves and reporting to recognised international reporting codes (e.g. JORC, CIM, PERC, SAMREC etc.) appropriate to the jurisdiction and as required by the client.

DMT geologists and mining engineers are also proficient in the use of a wide range of industry standard geological and mining software for modelling and estimating both resources and reserves. The company is experienced in virtually the entire spectrum of mined commodities, e.g. ferrous, base and precious metals; gas, lignite and coal; heavy mineral sands or bulk materials, and has a pool of staff who have recognised “Competent Persons” status in a wide range of these.

  • Internationally recognised codes e.g. JORC, CIM, SEC, PERC & SAMREC, USGS, IMMM, AGEPPA, EGF, GKZ, NAEN etc.
  • Independent resource/reserve audits
  • Regulatory reporting (eg NI 43‐101)
  • Statistical and geo-statistical analysis
  • Geological modelling/ 3D block modelling
  • Software: Gemcom, Whittle, SURPAC, Minex, Datamine, MineSight, AutoCAD, VULCAN, GoCad, PETREL
  • Data management and validation QA/QC

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