CoreScan software for optimum management of your logging data

The system comes with the powerful software suite, CoreBase and CoreStructure.

The main features include the management, organization and visualization of scanned drill core, core analysis, core sampling, logging data, core description, structural evaluation and image display. Moreover, the software acts as a data management system for all drill core and drill hole/ well related data. The online accessibility of the digital drill core library guarantees quick access to data and an organized exchange of information.

CoreBase: Drill core logging and data integration

The software CoreBase was developed to manage and organize scanned images, which are stored in a digital drill-core library. The library can be made accessible to all involved exploration and production geologists or engineers worldwide without any significant delay between drilling and recording. The effects that physical or chemical alteration of core, core handling and destructive analysis have on core condition, documentation and evaluation are minimized, and the problems associated with missing or jumbled cores or mixed up core boxes are mitigated. As such this procedure is a major step forwards in quality assurance and core preservation.

Geological structures can be evaluated by pickup routines (bedding, foliation, jointing, faulting, veins, etc.) and all the determined structures can be calibrated and oriented against north in relation to geophysical logs. Geomechanical parameters, such as RQD, FD and FS can be automatically derived once the structures have been evaluated.

The orientation of the borehole together with the structures are presented graphically and in the case of deviated boreholes, the direction of inclination and dip of the structures can be corrected directly.

CoreStructure: Structural analysis and presentation

The software CoreStructure is part of the software package CoreBase. The embedded software CoreStructure is developed for structural evaluation, analysis and presentation. It has various functions, such as continuous monitoring of core composition with respect to orientation and depth. The software has profound search, separate and select functions for geological and planar structures. The results can be presented and exported in all commonly used display formats.