Reliable results through high-resolution images: CoreScan 3

With our easy to mobilize CoreScan 3 scanner you get images and information of drill cores in highest resolution of up to 1016 dpi or 40 pixels per millimeter. The CoreScan generates planar images of your drill core and drill core boxes. Additionally, they can be scanned in 360° mode. The information is then read into the CoreBase software.

The integrated database enables clear documentation, archiving and presentation of relevant data, which can be supplemented with stratigraphic, lithological, petrographic and structural findings if necessary. This saves time and resources in complex projects for final storage or exploration - but also in projects for geothermal energy use, groundwater protection or hazard prevention.  

The advantages of the CoreScan system at a glance:

  • Easy to mobilise, user-friendly system  
  • High-tech core logging
  • High resolution imaging of the drill core (up to 1016 dpi or 40 pixels per millimeter)
  • 360° imaging of the drill core possible 
  • Quantitative fracture analysis
  • Information is digitally organized with special software and archived for later use 
  • The data is permanently accessible and available online 
  • Additional function for recording under UV light possible 
  • The system can be purchased complete with product training or our experts can carry out the work on site 

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 1.36 m, Depth: 0.75 m, Height: 1.28 m, Weight: 128 kg
  • Core length: up to 1 m (full circumference and cores slabs)
  • Core diameter: 25 to 150 mm (unrolled core), up to 250 mm (in slabs)
  • Resolution: 5, 10 and 40 pixel/mm (127, 254 and 1016 dpi)

Additional LED Illumination

The additional LED Illumination is applied when drill core is scanned under wet conditions. Scanning of wet drill core will enhance the color saturation of the images and show more petrographical and structural details. Using the standard internal illumination by scanning wet drill core would result in unwanted reflections.

Another application of the additional LED Illumination is given when larger crystal surfaces appear along the drill core. Using the additional LED Illumination minimize possible reflections occurring along wet drill core or at crystal surfaces.


Tutorials are available on request. Please contact us (info.corescan(at)dmt-group.LÖ