Tests of respiratory masks – Quality you can rely on

In the fight against CORONA and other diseases, safe protective masks are vital, especially for medical personnel. This is why DMT GROUP is testing protective masks from all over the world for their suitability against the spread of the virus under the supervision of TÜV NORD CERT.


By doing so, the DMT laboratory is drastically increasing the availability of urgently needed respiratory protection masks in the fight against Covid-19 and just how important this testing is is shown by the fact that a good quarter of all masks tested are failing because they are unsafe.

But also with regard to improving the air quality in closed or poorly ventilated rooms, the DMT laboratory tests equipment such as high-performance filters or room air purifiers for their ability to remove ultra-fine particulate air contaminants such as infectious bioaerosols. In addition, our test center for air hygiene carries out tests of air disinfecting systems such as UV-C air sterilization systems and determines the effectiveness of the corresponding air treatment processes.

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