Proactive Fire Protection Management: Being late is not an option!

We all know to call the emergency services in the event of a fire, but prevention is better than cure and DMT can help before things actually go up in smoke.

It all begins with the right fire protection concept explained expert Christian Chojnacki recently in our EngineeringPerformance article “Fire Protection – the silent success factor
Beginning with fire and explosion safety for underground mining, our competence in the field of fire safety has developed over decades to include fire testing services and fire protection concepts for all kinds of specialist applications. It’s so extensive in fact that local fire brigades often dial DMT’s emergency line for assistance in handling complicated operations such as silo fires.
Through DMT’s accredited Centre for Fire and Explosion Protection, we offer comprehensive proactive support in fire protection management. In doing so, our experts not only advise clients on how to make system processes more efficient and prevent damage, but also reduce construction costs, promote environmental development and meet the requirements of licensing authorities, ultimately saving lives.
And if fire or explosion damage has already occurred in a building or in an industrial facility, our experts carry out site inspections and assist with investigations to determine the cause of the event. This work wouldn’t be possible without close cooperation with the fire brigade. 

Today is International Firefighters Day, observed each year on 4th May to honour firefighters who have dedicated their lives to protecting the safety of us all, and in doing so put their own lives at risk. We say a big THANK YOU to them, and to our fire safety specialists at DMT, for protecting the safety of us, our clients and the public throughout the year!
If you’re interested in finding out more, visit our sites on Special Firefighting and Fire Protection in Buildings and Installations.