Metallurgical Coal work in Canada completed in harsh conditions

A DMT Geosciences Ltd. crew recently returned from deploying acoustic and optical tele-viewer systems in northeastern British Columbia for a coal exploration program. The objectives of the survey, which consisted of a number of drill holes up to 250m deep, were to define the resource, map fractures for slope stability and to develop a better understanding of water flow in the area.

Masses of snow at our drilling site

Masses of snow at our drilling site

The site was mountainous and winter conditions made access to the site challenging, however the survey was successfully completed on schedule.

Lithological descriptions as well as gamma, density, and neutron logs were integrated into the tele-viewer logs to give the client a single location to view all of their data. This compilation of data will allow the client to efficiently and effectively design the proposed open mine.

Other recent projects in British Colombia include engineering studies for two underground mines, seismic trials and exploration services, including coal bed methane advice and exploration geophysics.

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